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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TPAM is upst because nobody drafted him during this past weekends NFL Drafts!
TPAM is happy to have Monday nearly out of the way!

(That's a mighty big yellow hat y'got there!!!)
TPAM is getting a mint julep massage.
The Person Above Me runs around his house naked on Saturday mornings, dusting the furniture & singing & dancing to Tiny Tim songs that he spins on his turntable.
TPAM will send those records to TPAH just to make sure.

TPAM gained international acclaim as a boy soprano.
Until he hit puberty & it was all over.
TPAM promised she would never divulge that tidbit.
TPAM was tarred and feathered twice before he figured out it was time to move on.
TPAM arranged for the tarring & feathering to TPAH, but never thought he'd be able to pull it off twice.
TPAM has experienced the entire Kuma Sutra, twice. Both her partners have gone on to a better place.
I don't need to get up that early but thanks for caring.

TPAM got stuck on Easter. No wonder there are no tan lines.
LMAO!! You're a mess, still.

TPAM rode a carousel today, while holding a parasol to shade his delicate skin from the sun.




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