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"Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles": "In the best of all possible worlds"

This is one of my favorite lines, said by the ultimate optimist Dr Pangloss in Voltaire's hilarious and pathetic book Candide.

Do you have a line from a book of movie, a quote or adage that inspires you?

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Lord help me be the kind of person my former wife's dog thinks I am.
"Le bon Dieu a cree toutes les femmes belles.
C'est le diable qui elles rend ravissant."
"The good Lord made all women beautiful.
It's the devil who makes them pretty."
(poetic license used in the translation).
I think it was Victor Hugo
"Blah, blah.blah,blah,blah, blah.blah,blah...
-my subconscious
Good to the last drop ........ (Maxwell House Coffee, Kraft Food INC)..........
Hey! That's my line /;-D
"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." unknown
Two Vultures sitting in a tree: "Patience my Ass, lets swoop down and kill something"
Cartoon wisdom

And another of my favorites is the dragon cleaning his teeth with the Knights lance:

Things your mother never told you "Sometimes the dragon wins"




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