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For all of my life
I have know
Something was there more than just me
more than just in the moment
like knowing there is a purpose
and reason
for which i lived

being adopted
raised alone
and i mean ALONE
playing with my dolls

never having a real conversation with any of them
and not knowing how to relate to the
in the

being alone is all i have known
being married at 17
with only
the perfect home i grew up in
as a patern

i didnt know how
to do the married thing
nothing was perfect anymore

I didnt really
want to once i got
into it
i cried for help

no one was there

and the ones who were there
were taken out of my life
by a semi on one fatal day

life changed
in 1978

the wilderness opened up
and drew me in

mouth wide open

as the journey went on
the pieces of life
were torn
one by one
until there was only one

one piece
left to be

to make a difference

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TuesdaysRuby, that's beautiful. Thank you.

Aggie hug!
Fight the good fight, baby!
I have often wondered where I took the wrong turn, to have the life I now have.
To know if major errors were made and out of disobedience I have ended up being more alone and
within the cyber land wandering around even further out and down
life seems so unique to me, so strange watching,
walking along the path....'''''alone watching from a far

Where does life hook up
and become a path with two
You don't need a path of "two," little Tuesday. Life is your own.




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