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This afternoon was not the usual day off afternoon . I have been having some medical problems lately and the Doctor ordered an MRI. I first had to check in as an out patient. That was a 30 minutes of filling out forms. Then wait 25 minutes for some guy to take me down a dark corridor. I have to take all my cloths off and get this long skinny tube like thing.They put all this garb on my head as they are looking at my brain(good luck). I lay there for 30 minutes and listen to the jack hammers and then they roll me out and put an IV in my arm and do it all over again. I felt very abused. Has anyone else had this experience.???? Dang, and I think they are going to charge me

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Miss Blondie - Sorry you had to go through that. I have had several, with IV contrast and without - none of it fun - they only messed my hair up once. The waiting for the results was harder for me than the procedure itself - it was kinda cool - they let me look at the pictures when I was done ( slow day). Hang in there - will think good vibes - and they must have needed the contrast the figure out the blanks... lol. HUGS!




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