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As many of you know--I am a resident oof a small, tiny, East Coast State that use to be known to the world as Rhode Island.  I say use to be--because there is a decree that have the State's name changed to Row Island! 


Flood is the word of the week for this state right now!  There are floods everywhere--including my basement--(Just above ankle deep right now).  I have a brand new river in my back yard--but I am not as bad as areas like Cranston and West warwick--where entire sections of those towns have been totally evacuated.  What am I saying?  Half of Western Rhode Island have been evacuated or is currently being considered as to whether or not they should be evacuated.  Roughtly %40 of I 95--the main highway of RI is unreachable--or closed down--(And there are only 28 exits on I 95 here--what does that tell u????). 


President Obama had declared the entire State of RI in a State of Emergency, so we are going to be under a federal watch at least for the rest of this week.  Which is good--because it is suppose to rain the rest of this week!  But u wanna know what the biggest problem of the whole situation is??  I don't have any bacon available for breakfast--and I can't go out to get any!!  Grrrrr!!!!


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I thought I would share these pictures with you--These pics were taken by a buddy of mine, (Who is an EMT driver), from a road across from The Warwick Mall, that was just today opened for the first time since the floods happened a week ago. (That is the road was opened--Not the mall---The mall, and other buildings shareing its parking lot, will be closed for 3 to 6 months--which is an estimated time thepowers that be are looking at being neeed to do all of the neccessary repairs. And before any one asks--the answer to the question is YES--these pictures were taken today!!!

By the way--thanks to The National Guards--there were no reports of any vandalism to the mall. However there is a report that one company agreed to buy all of the damaged goods from the property itself for a mere $60,000!!!!
It is supose to rain tomorrow and Saturday...But the forcasters are promising "mostly sparadic showers". The only thing is--they are not telling where those showers will sparadically be showering.
Ocean State Job Lot probably.... it would be fitting LOL.... I know that Ford dealership... it is truely amazing that after a week how much water is still here.
t is rainin right now. It is raining hard. should we be worried?
looks like it will be with us for a few more hours....

....and hours...and hurs....and hours....

Honestly--I don't know which report to follow anymore. While all of the weather reporing all agrees that this area is once again under flash food watch, (and in some areas--mine included--already to the point where flood level warnings are being reached again), there is descrencies s to how much more of this we are suppose to get overthe next few days. One weather report have some severe storms coming in tonight--then tomorrow we get a reprieve--and then it will start all over again late Sunday afternoon, and go into Monday evening, Tuesday morning. Others reports are saying it will rain straight through Tuesday before it is all over with.
I am kind of hopeing we will get a repreive tomorrow simply because of the fact that the latest report shows that the only river that didn't hav enough time to receed is the one that flooded my backyard and basement because of the dam breakng. While I don't have anything devastating yet--I can see signs of my backyard getting filled in!! It is not filling in as fast as last week, simply becase the dam area have since been filled in--And folks--that is significant--because he dam was a 20 feet drop when it was intact!!! So Thank God for small favors--huh?

Oh by th way--Z? If you want o go into westrly by any chance--don't take 78 tonight. Turn on the local news---u will see why!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the road report HAH... I won't be going to Westerly any time soon, I figure its best to stay away, but I will be going to Kingston tomorrow.... college visit.

maybe we get a wind out of the northwest and it blows the rain out into the Atlantic???

keep the faith!!
I am not exactly sure how you are going to get in Kingston from your way--since the Pacatuck/Westerly bridge is indefinitely out, and it is looking like I 78 is going to be out for a little bit. You may have to do what people been doing to get to Providence--and that is getting I 95 to RT 4--but instead of going to providence--u would have to cut back to Narrangansett--which gets you back to RT 1 and thrfore into Kingstown. It is definitely the scenic route--but u might not have any choice.

Another thing worty to ention is tomorrow mrks Opening Day for the fishing seasn here in RI. A buddy of mine--(the on who I told you about tht actually fish from the front lawn of his house--and caughta fish--even thogh he was 3 blocks from the river!!) is planning on getting me early. Yeah....good luck with that!
I am going to take RT95 to RT138, quick and easy.
I bet a lot of people will be fishing from thier yards...LOL... you have to laugh at it to make it bearable
RT 138 is closed at Shannadoah Dam. Sorry. It was a nice thought though!
Damn dam...
thanks for the update
Hey Z --if u see this--a buddy of mine have told me that 138 by Shannadoah Dam have actully been reopened--so u can use that road again. You are to good to go I guess!




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