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An Observation
I saw a man the other day outside a building. 
Dressed with a blanket over his clothes.
 It was fashioned like a cape as he leaped.
He had a huge garbage sack next to him on a small mat.
 Also a super large soda drink and broken M&M's on the ground.
 He was mumbling to himself leaping up and down the sidewalk. 
It is sad to see so many young people lost this way.
They look physically able and  turn to the street life. 
They have not seen the horror of wars.  
Yet they treat their physical bodies and mental standing 
as if they were throw away bodies and minds.
 It is as if they know not what they do...
but do they know what they are wasting or do they not even care.                                                   I do not understand                   
©Julia A Knaake

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It is the New America.

Liberals help and love the drug infested homeless.

so happy I am not a liberal

Then the NEW America 


America is great

it is not

door mat

I talked with a homeless TBDer last.

it is sad there are real homeless

there has  always been real homeless


those abusing their bodies with drugs are a real slap in the face to themselves

so the homeless have internet access? 

how do they pay the bill?

This person lives in another persons home, helping that person.  That person works, but did not make enough to keep their home.  The person has a smart phone for internet and does not do drugs.

Yes that is great they are getting help in a positive way

I am happy to hear there are still good people helping each other

that is the way it is here in our small community




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