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The Infamous Forum's Check-in Comment Wall Thread Thingy ;-p

I was wondering.... can our Forum have a Comment Wall beneath the "Discussions" & "Games" categories? Sometimes I don't want to play a game or participate in a particular discussion at the moment, but would like simply to check in & say 'hi.'
I used to have that kind of camaraderie in the Daily Grind, but it's a ghost town w/only tumble weeds now, to my disappointment. :-(

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I'll look at possibilities and see what they are.
Hi d's g, I'm just checking in to say hi.
Hello, d's girl, all's well here in the 'Burgh! :-)

You guys are so darned cute - thanks, TeeBubbaDeeGeePee & Goldilocks - you just make my day! '-)
okay, TeeBubba, you're squushing me.

Maybe we can do like Robbie did on the "Where's the Random Thoughts" Thread? thread & make THIS THREAD our Check-in Wall! '-)
Squushing is what I do best.
I luv it. '-)
d's girl, exactly what is it you are looking for? I deduce you want a thread under Forums at the same level as Games and Discussions where members just stop by and say hello. Would you want that sorted in reverse chronological order?
ummm.... no. I was thinking of a Comment Wall, like other groups have. But now I"m just tryin' this out as a Check-in thread. Whaddaya think?

Let's not continue to draw any more lines in the sand...it serves no useful purpose. There was a rather heated discussion the other night that was withdrawn by its initiator because it dissolved to harsh words...no good came of it (but it does make an interesting read as I have saved it).
Now as far as starting up a group with a name that was used before and withdrawn by a member/monitor leaving the site, I say it's up for grabs...trademarking is expensive and a rather silly result to what I see as a 'turf war'.
I am sad to see "Welcome Lounge" not used as it was intended...it was a great fun place on TBDv1...I think the format of Ning leaves something to be desired....
Well, Jaylee, the Daily Grind at the original tbd was my very first o/l social network & it is very near & dear to my heart. I had left it for quite some time, & when I returned to it here, recently, it was a mere shadow of itself, and is now all but gone. Shall we begin an effort to revive it? Shall THAT become our check-in community once again? I'm game if there's a few others to throw in their support. I'd LOVE to see the Daily Grind thriving again! LET"S DO IT! Let's get our butts over there & put on a pot of coffee. And some tea for the tea drinkers. Hell, it's almost midnight, let's bring out the Scotch. Beer. Wine. Soda. Okay, a cup of Chamomile for whoever wants it. I know, it's late tonight, but for those who read this, let's try it, shall we? Stop over there, pull up a chair. Spend a few minutes over a cup of coffee. I'll commit to stepping in in the mornings before 9am est & in the evenings, after supper/before bedtime. Maybe we can breathe life back into the place & make it the hopping social hub it once was. Let's hear it for The Daily Grind! (it's in the Welcome Lounge for those of you who need directions)

There is a comment wall there too.....It would be nice if the tab for the lounge could be in a different color....it's easy to miss....
Gotta go dear friends.....nite nite...sleep tight....
Good morning, all. I don't know WHAT has possessed me to invest time & energy in this, but I want to see if The Daily Grind is revivable. So if you're so inclined, please mosey over there & use it as a way to check in w/your friends here in addition to our carryings-on over here.
Go ahead... pull up a chair... set a spell. '-)




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