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What's with all these cutesey twenty-something girls suddenly joining TBD lately?


I thought we were fer the old, feeble and decrepit. Something's fishy, I'm tellin' ya. I think they're spies for the Taliban...

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Sure, I like 'em just fine - I have a daughter who's one of them, as a matter of fact.

I'm just asking - Why are so many of them suddenly joining up here at TBD, a site supposedly aimed at 40-and-Uppers and that is taking pains to point out that it will cease to exist in just a few weeks? What's their game? What's their angle? What are they after? What's the Skinny, Minnie?
Have you gotten any good propositions? You may want to forward them to Gary, since you're on sick leave this week.
Thank you, Chez, for always havin' my best interests at heart.

I gotta tell ya, I was just lookin' over the most recent crop of arrivals, and about 90% of them are using the ghost avatar. Now that's not gonna find 'em a plethora of lecherous old dudes with fat wallets.

Time is valuable to most of us old guys, I'd venture to say. We're not gonna waste our time chasin' down ghosts, when we could be online oglin' some "tastefully done film or photographic art work"!

So I'd say, "At Ease, Men". "Carry On."
I have not been contacted. I guess they are looking for more than $10.00 an hour, kolaches, meals, lodging and all the beer you can drink after dark.
Yeah, and that clause that says 'must know how to repair tractors' probably discourages a few of the city gals.

send picture of tractor please!




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