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I hope it's not full of I got screwed.

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What a way for a gal to draw attention to herself.

Someone should notify a preacher to give her a talkin-too.

Did you actually hear her speech??

Earlier this year, she stepped in to provide an opinion in front of a congressional panel, run by the GOP, to which the GOP did not invite women, even though the topic was women's health. The conservative dinosaurs immediately piled on and turned it into an inquisition. Her speech at the DNC was about women's health, not sex, but you don't seem to be able to tell the difference. Perhaps a sit down with a preacher might do you some good.

I know the GOP well.

When they were born they did not invite their Mother.

I'm lost.

Due south is where the heart is. Or was that north. Crap, maybe south by south west. Hummmm, maybe you aren't the only one lost.

Showing disrespect for women in general is a sign of immaturity.


Look at Sarah Palin.




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