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I hope it's not full of I got screwed.

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I liked tonight's speeches.  All of them.

I found allot of Me-Me-Me comments.

I hope the government pays for that horny girls birth control as I'm getting sick of hearing from her.

So much wildly wrong about this comment.  Don't know where to begin.

I am so sick of hearing comments from men who have no clue about what birth control pills do or about women's sexual response.  

Birth control pills are NOT the same as Viagara!

That's all from me.

Women are just as guilty about it as men. This has become, yet, another divisive issue. The assumption is that birth control pills are only used by promiscuous women, therefore they should not be subsidized through health plans. The opposite is true. Birth control pills are now increasingly used by women in monogamous relationships, where they feel they're already protected against STDs by being with one partner. Condoms are mostly used for casual sex.

darroll writes: "I hope the government pays for that horny girls birth control"


I was under the impression that the girl had to buy her own condoms to have sex?

I thought the guy supplied them?

Next she will want a free cell phone so she call call home and confess.

imagine a million of those faces lined up in rows demanding free contraception.

Quote Off Topic


Is there a point here?

ESPN said twice as many people watched the Dallas Cowboys than those that watched DNC.

When Clinton pointed that crooked finger at me, I thought I was busted.

I rode the service elevator with The President on Friday night!




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