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I hope it's not full of I got screwed.

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There won't be any empty chairs at this conference. In addition to Clint's too painful to watch empty chair dialog, and making fun of those who sent our troops to Afghanistan, and how lawyers should not be presidents, the RNC was devoid of history. No Bushes, no Cheney, no Palin, no McCain, nothing to remind us of the colossal failures that took us into the second worse financial crisis of our history. I don't think the DNC can top that act.

If Bush broke something.

It can't be fixed in four years?

Maybe it's still being broken.

It's still being broken by a congress held hostage by republicans who want nothing more than  to get the
"black guy" out of office. They care nothing about the future of this country as long as they can rape and pillage it for their own personal gain.


Congress (all) just want to feather their own nest.

They don't want the black guy out of office as he is their fall guy.

Fair?........... They don't play fair in Washington.

So, a black man is only good enough to be a fall guy? If people have not realized it yet, working tirelessly over the past year, to bring down the "black guy" is neither patriotic nor productive, as this crisis effects ALL of us equally. If Romney could only put in words, not lofty empty terms, what his economic plan for the country. Something other than "trust me, I will create jobs". I guess if your claim to fame is buying up companies, laying employees off, and turning a nice profit for people who don't need that money in the first place, makes you an expert on job creation. Not!


It's not good enough for a black guy to be a fall guy.

It's whoever that is around at the time.

His people should of warned him that things were bad and they are looking for a  person that is new on the block.

This is not getting better as long as they sell homes to people with no job or income.

Quit blaming Bush and root out the cause.

Actually, "they" stopped selling homes to people with no job or income. "They" being the regulations put into place 100% during the Obama administration.

As to when "they" were selling homes to those with no job or income, that would have been during the Bush years, leading up the housing bubble burst toward the end of his White House ride.

Oddly enough, it seems as if you're saying that Obama was the only one ballsy enough to step into a bad situation and try to make it better, in service to the American people, when no one on the conservative side had the guts to do it for fear of looking bad. That's why you think we should vote for conservatives?

Well said EastSider....

Thank you Bob

God I hope you are right Eastsider. This affordable housing bill was bringing down banks all over the world and the US had to buy back the mortgages because it was US government AA paper.

We all know that Barney Frank and the black caucus passed that bill. The republicans were scared to repeal the practice as the US would of said the Republicans hate poor people. Again.

I feel better about the economy knowing that.

daroll wrote: "We all know that Barney Frank and the black caucus passed that bill"

Not really, the rest of us know that the CRA was passed in 1977. Clinton-era modifications to the CRA, were done during the Clinton years, when the Republicans had control of the house. Your claim that they voted for changes so they won't be "misunderstood" as being motivated by their hate of poor people does not really compute, given their vocal position on healthcare and any form of public assistance.

As to "bad paper", it resulted from massive fraud committed mostly during the Bush years. Fannie, as a GSE, was in the business of buying mortgages, as this was their business model. That's how money is made in that business. Higher risk mortgages (sub-prime) carry higher interest rates, and therefore produce higher profits, IF properly scrutinized. Fannie mis-stated something like $5B in profits during the Clinton years, and heads rolled, but the $Ts in vapor-paper occurred during the Bush years, where Fannie losses pale relative to WaMu and others.

I missed both those programs tonight.  Football and the DNC.  I guess I'll catch-up with everything tomorrow.




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