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Hey Cuppa, are you sleeping in? I guess I'll open up since I'm the first one here, and I'll get the coffee going in case any early birds come in. Folks, it's Friday and it's going to be a good weekend! Come on in and have a seat, we're happy to have you! Have a donut while I get the coffee going.

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Good morning Grinders, it's Friday so have a happy one.
HI rhb! How've ya been?
Hi Cat, sorry, I lost the internet momentarily. I have been well thanks. Too busy looking for work, remodeling our kitchen, and a seemingly endless honey-do list.. LOL How have you been?

Oh ahh.. Good Morning you surprized me
Friday surprise? lol
Good morning everyone. I have a busy day for me. I am taking the dog to the groomer and going to a movie, The Book of Ellie. Everybody have a good day.
Good morning rhb, Greg and PA!
Good Morning {{{CAT}}} it's getting warmer already looks to be a great weekend
Yes, it's nice out there. Still going away for the weekend?




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