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On Sunday we celebrate what makes this country different than any other in the world, a game that transcends, trashes and uplifts much of what this country stands for, and surely stands for, overblown, overdone and overpriced, the Super Bowl.

In New Orleans on Sunday it will happen again, but with the creole "Laissez les bons temps rouler " added to the mix. Yes, it will be early morning, that is, Saturday early morning and only ending with the last frame of Ray Lewis's farewell kiss linger on Sports Center will it be over, for another year.

Yes, it is a celebration of many things, a waste of time and money to some but breath taken for most others, as to; will Beyonce be live or not, are the ads funny and is the game entertaining and not boring. Millions will watch and millions will be spent as America renews its relationship with chicken wings, dip, pizza and adult beverage.

And yes, there is a concern, a growing concern of what happens when you run full speed into a semi-armored 350 lb person running at you and what happens with your head upon contact. And then there is the issue of having deer antler breath and a strange familarity with pharmaciticals and those that possess them.

However, in this Roman numeral noted celebration there is one other important aspect, brothers. In this case the brothers, Harbaugh, Jim and John. It is not unusual to have family in football, in fact, quite common, but to have brothers as head coaches of the opposing teams, not likely with a Roman numeral to happen again. Of course, the main problem is going to be with mother and father Harbaugh as to who they like best, probably the winner, and the loser, while the America family will have then have another year to wait until it becomes Super again.

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I think we should enjoy the game before the sissies ban the game.

Our people don't know how to design a helmet that will prevent brain injuries.

How about going back to the leather head gear? and start over.

It is interesting, in the world, the game is football, but it is just played with the foot and at times, the head  without plastic or leather protection.  

Whereas our football came out of the pranks of college men with a little too much time on their hands, fútbol comes out of a differing tradition, the humiliation of a vanquished enemy, and their head in particular, as the decapitated prize is kicked by the victors  from village to village for others to defile and probably is where the term header came from, or not.   

I'm not surprised at all of seeing darrol advocating brain damage. 

Perfectly encapsulates our society - deranged capitalism coupled with senseless violence.

So, thru a power outage and Pepsi's bump and grind half-time show, it was John and the Ravens over the 49'ers.  

As far as the rest of it, not the game, Dorritos and Budweiser spent their money well, and yes, GoDaddy spent their money on the most cringe worthy of the night's attempts to make water cooler conversation on Monday.

Now on to Pebble Beach, Spring Training and then March Madness as we progress thru the long, cold winter of sports in America.

I liked the Tide commercial.
Glad the 49’ers lost.




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