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So now come the Obama/Romey ads. They will be filled with half truths and outright lies because at the end of the day, getting elected is what it's all about. But all should be careful what they wish for because neither the current president nor any to follow will command the attention of this nation's people much less that of the world. The idea that Romney will appear on the scene as president and solve our problems means he will also have to solve the problems of the entire world. We are so interdependent that it will simply be beyond the ability of any president to repair the damage the world has done to itself financially. As go the economies of the world, so go we.

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So we should do what????

I don't know about you, but my bumper sticker clearly reads..."Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them To Run For Office." So I suppose I'm asserting we should do nothing because anything we do with regard to politics is a waste of time. We don't make the laws.

The overall IQ in this country keeps falling so the politicians can just about tell us anything and they never get questioned.

It’s just like what I heard on the radio today about dinosaurs. Someone said that dinosaurs could have lived in the middle east. The answer was it’s too hot and dry. This was in the Cretaceous era. 72 million years ago and  the middle east was in the tropics.

I think they should legalize pot so we can have more air-heads.

Don't underestimate the value of pot as anyone who smokes it clearly knows about the tropics in the Middle East during the Cretaceous period. People who don't understand the period of the dinosaurs are usually heavily involved in alcohol, not canabis.

The beginnings of lies?  Frankly, I think we've been knee deep in them for quite awhile.

I'm merely referring to this campaign to November. But of course, as a matter of course, you are correct.

Testing, one, two, three

The mike is on president Reagan. Try not to make mention of launching an all out nuclear attack against the Soviet Union. Wait. That was before the Alzheimers onset and before you died. That explains the missing period at the end of your mike test.

That's not what it means when I miss a period.

Thanks for the additional information. iIve reserved a folder for it under my documents tab on medical hisotires of TeeBeeDee members.

Rome has to fall at some time

To NBA Commissioner Stern.




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