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The 105th World Series Championship Series! New York Yankees vs. The Philladelphia Phillies Game 1

After a battle of a 163 games in the regular season--then the best of 8 out of 14 possible games during the post season--the two teams that preserved the best for The American League and The National League have finally arrived!! Today is the day of the 1st game of the 105th World Series!!!

The 2 teams this year's series will be played by, (Just in case you haven't heard yet!) are---

Playing for The American League---A team that is not a stranger to The World Series--

THE NEW YORK YANKEES being managed by
Joe Girardi Pictures, Images and Photos
Joe Girardi--2nd year manger for The Yankees who lead his team 103 wins,
and has the best record in all of baseball for the year 2009!

And for The National League--A team that will try to Repeat a Championship 2 years in a row--
Charlie Manuel Pictures, Images and Photos
Charlie Manuel--Manager since 2004
and have lead The Phillies to 93 wins this year! He is the first Manager in Phillies history to have ever led The Phillies into The World Series 2 yeasrs in a row!

Game 1 is being played in The Bronx, NY. Game starts at 7:30 PM!

The starting pitchers are

For The Yankees--
CC SABATHIA Yankees Pictures, Images and Photos
CC Sabathia

For The Phillies
Cliff Lee Pictures, Images and Photos
Cliff Lee

(A little trivia--Both of these starting pitchers were once teamates on The cleavland Indians!)

So who will cheer for The Phillies? And who already knows that The Yankees are going to win this one?

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I'm looking forward to see if Melly's hotness picks works for baseball, too.
Kristen Lee vs Amber Sabathia?



Uhmmm----Fun? I think those gals get involved with a different type of game that requires different type of bats and balls. But it was a nice suggestion though!
10,001 computers predicts that The New Yawk Yankees will win it in 6 games!


Now we get to put Melly's "hotness factor" against technology--and see which is the best system!
I've been working in Technology for 27 years. I'd bet on Melly's hotness factor anytime. And if you add Kati to the equation, then the damn computers don't stand a chance. I think I'll go find my friendly neighborhood bookmaker.
T-60 minutes till game time!!--Better get that snack tray ready!!!
Apparently the rain in NY is going to delay the game for 30 minutes--Game time changed to 8 pm!
Hey Now---!!! Them 'Roids haven't been used this year---and he had the year that he had inspite of the hip surgery at the beginning of the year!!
And here we gooo!!
Bet u Phillies folks thought u were about to score already--didn't u?? Tease!! Tease!!
1 inning down--8 innings to go!
Rain Rain go away!!! Come back again some other year!!




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