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The 105th World Series Championship Series! New York Yankees vs. The Philladelphia Phillies game 6

What?? I am doing another World Series Thread? Ahh man!!! this is starting to get so utley!!!

Yes indeedy!!! We will have a game 6. The Phillies apparently believe they still have a shot at this, and The Yankees some how still haven't shot that theory down! However, The Yankees do take a 3/2 lead back their own stomping ground in The Bronx, NY where they hope to take their 27th World series title, as well as their first inside of the new Yankee Stadium in front of their fans. Can The Yankees yank enough runs out of The Phillies defense to accomplish their 4th win? Or will The Phillies offense be offensive enough to Phill Philladelphia with more hope for that trophy to be bought back to their town?

Tonights game will take place in Bronx, NY starting at 8 pm (EST)

Tonight's starting pitchers are: For The Phillies
Francisco & Pedro Martinez Pictures, Images and Photos
Pedro Martinez
Who might very well be pitching
the very last game of his career!

For The Yankees:
Adam Rodriguez Pictures, Images and Photos
Andy Pettitte
Who hopes to add game #18
to an already established MLB record
post season wins!

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Dang! Are you all watching the game right now? I am on dial up and the tv is in the other room so while I am on line I can just listen to it.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
Oh..and go Phillies!!!!
The cable people came out and said we would have to cut down some trees in order to put cable in and we just don't want to do that. So I am stuck with dial up until they either get fast speed out here someday or I move out of the boonies. Hopefully the later.
Where are my fellow Yankees fans???
Uh oh...I think I am going to be hated when this game is over!
And that is 2 more of many more For the Yankees 2night!!!!

Three run lead? The Phillies are just lulling them for the time being.

I'll stand and applaud for the Yankees if they do win, Heart. That is - if.
Did u miss me? I just got finish chowing down on a phillies cheesesteak like The Yankees are chowing down on The Phillies!!
Oh, Heart.
I won't say it!! I won't say it!! (snickerssnickers)
Ahhh--finally!! Another Yankees fan!! Suddenly I don't feel all alone in this uncold, uncruel world!
Melly, quick, do something?

Quinn? Anyone?




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