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The 105th World Series Championship Series! New York Yankees vs. The Philladelphia Phillies Game 4

We went from almost getting rained out to The Phillies getting wiped out last night! Yankees now lead 2 games to 1 after an 8/5 victory last night! Andy Pettitte added to his ML record of 17 post season wins.
We have 3 games down with 2 to 4 more games to go, starting with tonight's game 4 taking place in Philladelphia, and is schedule to take place at 8:20 PM EST. (Why do they have to beat so late nights?)

Tonight's starting pitchers are:

For The NY Yankees
CC Sabathia Pictures, Images and Photos
CC Sabathia
Who got the best record in Baseball'for 2009--
but lost the 1st game of the series!

For The Phillies:
Joe Blanton at FanFest 2007 Pictures, Images and Photos
Joe Blanton
He also pitched game 4 in last year's
World Series and was dominant with a win of 10-2
over The Devil Rays.

By the way folks--Did u know that the Philladelphia 76ers were in NY playing The NY Knicks last night? The 76ers won that game 141 to 127!!

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I like the Phillies uniform in this picture. I forget that bit of trivia. The Philadelphia Athletics then became the Kansas City Athletics and then the Oakland Athletics or more known as the A's.
4-3 Yankees! Phillies just scored thier 3rd run on another utley HR!
Ohhh--U Phillies are getting close again!
Well, Girardi's gutsy for taking Sabathia this far. Here comes the bullpen test. Marte has not been too bad though. Lets see if they can hold up one run with a tired Rivera waiting.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CCCCRRRAAAPPPSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
This one may go on for a while
Yankees ahead by 3 runs!! And here comes Mariano!!! 3 outs to go!! Any more Phillies fan left??
Well, 3rd time in for Rivera. At least he has 3 runs to cushion him.
5 pitches last night, 8 pitches tonight, wow! Gutsy gutsy Girardi! Down 3-1, it's been done.
And I with all my humility say...The Yankees lead 3 games to 1!! Serious--serious amount of humility here!
Cheer up Phillies Phans!!! Don't forget--Phillidelphia did beat New York in a basketball game and a football game this weekend! So u won 2 out of 3 games that way from us!




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