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I'd be interested in hearing what others are feeling about this assault.  Personally, I would have liked to see  the security there (capital police, etc.) shoot some of those invaders. I'm stunned that this happened.  I've never been a lover of the police. In the '70's we called them pigs.  However,.......

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No BLM activity attempted to overthrow the U.S. government and negate the Constitution. Hundreds arrested, hundreds still wanted:  Capitol Violence — FBI

i'd be interested to know why you never mentioned this,or why you deleted it the first time i posted it.

you need to educate yourself instead of following the communist party.

shadowtran is misinformed as usual.

that would be democrats,EDUCATE YOURSELF

Their own testimony at their trials is documenting their allegiance to Trump and Trump's instigation of the crimes. That is history.  

Answer why those coming to trial including some already pleading guilty admit they supported Trump, believed he was urging them to commit these crimes?  Why all of those arrested having a history of supporting Trump, including documented donations to Trump campaigns, etc.  And if these people were not Trump thugs, then why no support from republicans for an investigation?




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