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I will be staying at The Menger Hotel across the street from the Alamo this weekend. Anyone want to share a room?

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My altar ego (Prunella Farquar) attended the Charles Dickens festival this week-end with her children.  I'm sorry that I missed the San Antonio party, but we had a grand old time.

“Please, sir, errr ma'am, I want some more.” 
Charles Dickens and TeeBubbaDee.

I hear it was Charles Dickens 200th birthday party sorry I missed it.

Did Chuck visit Texas?   cool!

My ancestors were draft dodgers from Prussia.


The Menger Hotel Bar in San Antonio

The Menger Bar was where Teddy Roosevelt recruited volunteers for the Rough Riders for the first American Cavalry that fought in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The Menger Bar is exact 19th Century replica of the House of Lords Pub in London. It has paneled cherry wood ceiling, beveled mirrors from France and decorated glass cabinets.

And this picture was taken right after the building fell over on it's side. Thankfully Aggie didn't spill a drop of beer.  :-)

Half a Rita on the Riverwalk boat.




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