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At this time--The New York Mets and The Saint Louis Cardinals are in top of the 20th inning!!!!  The score was zip zip until the 19th inning--when both teams score 1 run each in the 19th inning!!!  If you are interested in who wins this one--the game is on your Fox channel!

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The Mets scored at the top of the 20th inning. Now we have to wait to see if Cardinals will match the score--or if this one will finally be over!

What makes this game even more ironic is the standings these two teams have this early in the season! the Cardinals are in 1st place in their division--(National League Central) while the Mets are in last place in thieir division (NL East).

Oh by the way--this game is just shy of being 7 innings long as of right now!
And The Mets finally win it in the 20th inning--2-1!! This game was 6 hours and 54 minutes long!!




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