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Swedish cross country skier Sven Olaf Magnusson is shown here with his favorite training aid.  His trainer is partially hidden from sight.


Sven Olaf did not medal in Vancouver, but vows to return to the Olympics in four years. He is considering changing to the controversial "lutefisk" diet to enhance his performances.  He hopes his skiing improves too.



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Looks like is trainer is trying to hold up the training aid....kind of a sexy pose for him too.........is he naked??
The way Sven is smiling you'd think the bottle was empty.....
Ja, Sven smiled a lot during the Olympics.
Sven's trainer, Mr Stretchy, is wanted for questioning by the Canadian authorities regarding several unorthodox Olympic actions.
Would that include providing the Canadian Women's Hockey Team with their celebratory accoutrements?
Mr Stretchy has no further comment until he speaks with his lawyer.

The lutefisk will do it for him. I know. I use it.
I think that is the little green lizzard on the insurance commercials.
I think he is moonlighting.
Maybe if Mr Stretchy chased him, threatening lutefisk, Sven would ski even faster to get away.




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