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Is this going to be part and parcel of the new site? 'Cause, you know, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with a shot of my 'back porch' yet. Am I going to get kicked out if I don't give in to the peer pressure?

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I am not sure what you mean? Can you 'splain it to me?
As long as we don't have to sit out on your porch, I'm not sure its structurally sound.
what are you saying???? lol
I was going to put mine up, but the uploader limits it to 10MB.
That depends.....if you do show us your back porch.....will it be in a thong? brazilian? tidey whities? Boxers perhaps? I will not be falling for the peer presure. Besides, you'd need a wide lense for my porch!
yeah, but you are a guy. Nothing I want to see while I am eating my Cheerios. It needs to have some warning ahead of time, like move it to the pics and put something else up for the rest of us to see. HINT, HINT!

Chris Pitts said:
Probably not-I personally don't want to see it. I do like Rita's pic though,hmmmmm.
First an arms race, now a butt race.

Here is my butt...
LOL... I think your butt should remain private domain. That makes it more special ;-)
It's all bass ackwards!......first comes seduction,enticement,intrigue....THEN comes the butt.....in private hopefully!.....You got an extra chair on your back porch for me? I like back porch swings too!
You don't want to see my backside.

I wouldn't even show my legs........ They'd just go up and make an ass of themselves anyways......




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