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     CAN THIS INSANITY PLEASE STOP?  Every time I go into my local supermarket to purchase a few items,the aisles are crowded with  workers who  are taking products off the shelves and loading them into milk crates or shopping carts or spreading them out on the floor. I see them in the same sections over and over again moving the same items.It's CRAZY.!!
     Products are moving  to a different shelf or  the entire section or aisle is being reversed.  To me, this  ludicrous nonsense serves no purpose. I'm not searching like Dora the Explorer. If anything, I'll go to another store to buy what I want. If the store plans call for adding  new items or removal of discontinued items, fine. But does every item on every shelf have to come off? Leave them where they are.!!! Whether it's on shelf 4 or 5, I don't care. I doubt any shopper does. Do I need to be inconvenienced every time I look for an item and navigate the aisles cluttered with products all over the floor?
     What's all the excitement in the health and beauty aid aisle? A male stripper? Free samples of K-Y Jelly? No. The deodorants are being moved again. The Secret is out. Don't Axe my why. Ban this reset.  Bars of soap are being moved too. The Coast is not clear.   Do  the yogurts need to be rearranged every month?  So Chobani Flips over Fage Greek yogurt.  I just want my Danon or La Yogurt  on sale.  Period. For crying out loud. Leave them where they are. What really infuriates me is to buy  ice cream  that has been sitting on the floor  melting for hours. Why can't they just leave the stuff where it is in the freezers? I saw one poor soul having to rearrange 13 doors of ice cream by himself.  Why aren't more workers doing this so called "reset" so that my Turkey Hill or Haagendazs isn't sitting out melting for hours while moving to a different door and shelf.?
Here's the kicker. The store and/or department managers usually say they had no clue a  team of merchandisers was coming in to reset several sections in their store. By the way, I'm one of these merchandisers  who does this often needless, unnecessary, mindless, redundant job. Hey. somebody's gotta do it.  Lift that barge. Tote that bale. Block the aisle with Bounty cause it's  all on sale.

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As I was reading this, I kept thinking, 'Isn't that what he does?'  So thanks for owning up at the end.  Now, if you do that and you know the why, tell us.  I think it's busy work when you see the store employees doing it.  I rarely see the actual "cookie lady" or "Tom's Products guy" in there messing with stuff.  To see them, you have to go very early and you'll notice they pretty much stay out of everyone's way.

Hi. Thanks for the response. I wrote this post actually sending it to over a dozen papers here in Queens . i'm basically sick of my job and want to relate the nonsense and spoilage and unnecessary work that goes on. I submitted it last week and saw my article in 3 papers lately. MARK




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