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After a few days here. I like many, are still trying to figure out the best way to use this site and make it feel like home.
I have noticed a few cumbersom things as I am sure others have. This is not a complaint thread but hopefully one that we can be positive and come up with some good ideas and help other as we do.
One of the first things I have noticed is there is a group for about every ten people. This makes it hard to follow activities. Maybe as we go along and we see a lack of activity in some groups we can thin them. I am sure there is some duplication.Again not complaining just saying simpler is better and there obviously aren't as many people here.
Then I noticed the forum tab seems to function as the recent activity area on the original site, though it doesn't post group threads. It seems like a good place for new posts that don't really fit groups and you want the general populist to respond. It's not perfect but I think we can make it work.
If you have more ideas please post them but lets do try to keep them positive. As you can tell I also miss spelll check.
I hope this finds everyone well.
My Best

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Thank You, the only draw back is it seems to not show the discussions in groups you have replied to but it is a help.
Are we not to have any q and a? I really miss it!
I suggest everyone get a bunny rabbit.

Hehehehe me too. I needed a good laugh too! ;-D
Cool Mark. So what tricks do you use to stay on top of your groups? I'm using the RSS feed on my profile to watch my Group's discussion activity, but it has room for only one URL. I've got certain profiles on a RSS feed so that I can see activity and know they are possibly online, but it's hardly accurate. maybe putting the forum on RSS is a better move. Do share what you are doing to keep track please!

I think once everyone is basically up and running with a profile, this issue of keeping track of our friends and activity is going to continue to be the main topic of conversation, with hopes for some sort of helpful application.

What is RSS? Here is a wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS
See the little blue 'wave" icon in the lower left hand corner of this page? Click on it, and you can then bookmark this page to your tool bar, and every time someone posts here, you will be updated. You can set the timing for your "feed" updates too. So even if you are not signed in - you can open up your RSS feed and see a snapshot of posting updates.
Roger that, let us know how you manage.
News Flash!!! Guess what kids. You think your photos are set to "friends only" ? Well ...two of my albums and each and every photo thereof is set to 'friends only" - and yet i've just viewed every single page of the main photo page, and my pictures are there. So no privacy kids, it's a crock
I just checked out your photos and I saw 3 albums. You can remove me as a friend ( as long as you take me back ;-) and I can check it again for you if you like. Just have one of our mutual friends PM me, or I can bounce into forum every minutes if you like.
Thanks Wendylynn, yes, that is working ....BUT I just went through more than 300 pages of photographs on the main page, and can cite you the page numbers where my photo's and those that Douglas set to "friends only" are there for all to see. So, there is a glitch that needs to be fixed.

Thanks again though for checking - I appreciate this!
Yup. Really. LoL and check out the latest additions showing up on the main page. Wonder if this gal wants all her err, "sexy" pictures up in the main stream?
Sorry WendyLynn, I'm confused, do you mean on my profile, your profile, or the main TBD page?
I'm speaking of TBD main page - top tool bar "Main" Invite" 'MyPage" "Member" "Photos" ... etc.
Go into photos and trust me, you will find the photographs you've posted. They are there, somewhere. I went thru page after page, (quite interesting actually) and found all of mine and those Douglas (TSD) posted that were set (and are set) to "friends only". If you click on either of our profiles, yes, the privacy bit is working. But what is the point if the pictures are in the "main photo" cache for all to see?!? *grrrrrrrrrrr bad admin. not fixing this bad bad bad sniff used to work what happened why is it not working George says admin. needs to fix. grrrrr*




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