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So here we are looking around, taking a peek... hanging out.

On some thread a bit ago, some one said how annoying the FB was with all the trivial updating goings on.

Personally, I don't think my daily updating is all that interesting but some times I really feel the need to share.  My kitties don't give a whit and the bird...well, he lives in his own world.  His updates would mostly involve "lived another day"..."got some of that shredded stuff again (cheese)"  etc.

Mostly, I have you fine folks to droll on about my meager existence and occasional moments of wonderful.


So, here you go...Keep it brief...mundane with a bit of intrigue.

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Is anybody else having trouble with the PM thing? I can write a message but when I hit send nothing happens. Everything else is working fine.
P.A. I just sent you a PM, and it seemed to go through.
thanks, I got your message but when I tried to reply it still would not send.
Hmmmmm? I wonder if anybody else is having problems? We know there is no tech support, and all I can even guess would be to sign off of TBD and then sign on again. I know that sounds pretty lame, but it's all I got. Maybe someone more computer savvy will jump in with a fix.
Yep, I've had that issue for at least a month now.....on my desktop.  My laptop can both receive and send.
I only have this laptop. so I guess you folks should not look for any messages from me. not that you would anyway. I have had the problem ever since I updated to Explorer 7 or whatever number it is.
How about we all PM you w/our e-mail addresses, and then you'll have no excuse to stay out of touch w/us? '-)
My problems started when I installed, or tried to install, an update to Internet Explorer.  Or maybe that was just a coincidence.

P.A., Tee and I are like the Three Horsemen of the IT Apocalypse!



My status: To quote poet James Wright, if I was any happier, I would break into blossom.
I got my passport in the mail yesterday.....now I'll be able to take that trip to Texas that I've been planning.




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