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So here we are looking around, taking a peek... hanging out.

On some thread a bit ago, some one said how annoying the FB was with all the trivial updating goings on.

Personally, I don't think my daily updating is all that interesting but some times I really feel the need to share.  My kitties don't give a whit and the bird...well, he lives in his own world.  His updates would mostly involve "lived another day"..."got some of that shredded stuff again (cheese)"  etc.

Mostly, I have you fine folks to droll on about my meager existence and occasional moments of wonderful.


So, here you go...Keep it brief...mundane with a bit of intrigue.

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hey RRC,

   In easier times I hope to meet more of my peeps face to face.

                                                                           monster hugs,


Hea my guys has Quinn left TBD? no judgement just asking.

Sadly, yes she's gone to tend to her "other TBD site."

alrite, thanks Bob.

 I got Bro and son Davy bac to new york. Bro is alot thiner than this photo from january tho.

 Tomorrow if leon is wel enuogh we wil go to the farm.

Aggie smile!


((((HUGS)))) to you dearest DD.   You are doing more than some would do for a sibling.    My sister is going into a terrible time soon  (chemo) and she doesn't have anyone to hold her hand.

Monster Hugs for yuo and yuor sister Jaylee.

Love always matters.

Yes Dear, it does. Love always matters.

I believe if I looked in the dictionary under sweetheart, I'd see your beautiful face. 

kiss mybubbadee..

Grateful to be home and peeing kidney stone dust!

That should teach me to drink plenty of water and not overdo on foods that are good for me.

You survived!!  I understand that stones are very painful.  Welcome back Baia.




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