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And all things honoring the Emerald Isle...

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not just Scottish, M. ...
a proud Celtic heritage
you, Draughn, and I share     :>)

Scottish or Irish.......

yes, we are all related

one way or 'nother

may be a little

with others connected more

peace to all my friends

peace to you my friend
on this day and all the rest
bless your heart of gold

A wee bit Irish

Scottish, English and the Welch

Love St. Patrick's day

It makes me to laf

And sing while I may,  it brings...

Pleasure to my day

it makes me happy
to imagine you singing
toora loora li


How about examples

from a class of third graders

as they learn haikus........?

1.  I need to wear green

     on the day of St Patricks

     not to get a pinch

2.  It's green and leafy

     a symbol of the Irish

     sometimes it's lucky

this world has two kinds

of folks in this world of ours

Irish and wannabes

Éire go Brách

Ireland until eternity

Happy St. Patricks




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