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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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stillgoing is manifesting his fantasies again:

when OCDoc goes to the kitchen or bathroom in her house she doesn't walk she does cartwheels all the way!
Bonnie often gives people bad directions then smiles that winning smile of hers
Bonnie sucks her thumb and picks her nose.
Bonnie eats dirt.
red one got kicked out of church this morning and had to eat crow.
OCN Doc just O D on her vitamins while she was down at the beach strutting around in her very skimpy bikini showing off for the men.
There's a warrant out for Bonnie's arrest....she isn't sure if its the overdue library books or the kleptomania. If she calls you collect do not accept the charges.
Bonnie just peed her pants and is crying.
red one has a crush on bonnie, but she's too busy plotting how to steal hugh jackman from beth to notice.
OCN Doc taught Tom Cruise how to jump on couches.
stillgoing just can't get going today. He wishes he was Tom Cruise so he could jump on OCN Doc's couch along with Bonnie and BethD and her 100 Felines while Red One is filming this laughable scene.




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