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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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red one paints his toenails pink with red flowers
BethD now has 100 cats living with her.
red one is scared of cats, especially kittens, he pees his pants when he sees a cat or kitten
BethD wants to turn her home into the humane society.
red one lives in a treehouse with a society of squirrels.
BethD is working on her new cat costume for halloween, BOOOOOO HOOOOOOO

Gota take break, Beth, C U Later.
I have to go kick my ass, but I will be back in my cat costume
to scare the willies our of the old red one.
He better have depends on. The cat is stalking him.
I just checked out the pics on Beth's page. I think she is raising a nest of baby birds to feed to her kitty.
Were or are BethD and Red One married of just childish.

I have many recipes for kitties so we can take care of BethD's over abundant head count.

TeeBuubbaDee has agreed to host an open bar....again.
stillgoing wanted to host the open bar, but due to his "drinking problems" I volunteered to help out. Remember: stillgoing, "I" before "E," except in Budweiser
teebubbadee would never toot his own horn, but he was a runner up in the National Spelling Bee.

OCNDoc may not be posting for a bit due to a massive skateboard mishap. No details but she was like the responsible adult in attendance.




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