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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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I think KBeenThere is jealous that stillgoing has a BIG Crush on OCND and not her. You never know what she may do, this could get UGLY.
Red One is an instigator, he actually has the BIG crush on OCNDoc
z100 life long dream is to become a bat boy for the New York Yankees.
Red One likes to eat uncooked hot dogs right out of the fridge
z100 has a show he does called 'Boiling People in Oil".
His sponser is Crisco.
BethD has joined z100 in his show as a Naked Assistant.
Redone is actually scared of naked people
Aggie is a friend of Maria's so you know see is not talking about height.

Those Jersey girls are just size queens but still easy.
I had to leave NYC because there were too many Jersey girls coming to visit to on the weekends and causing a traffic problem.

LOL Wanta buy a bridge?
stillgoing was actually kicked out of NYC because he was actually inviting all the Jersey girls to NYC which was causing traffic jams
Sorry z100 I left because winter showed up and I got married and moved to Atlanta. Battery sales in NJ went up on my departure. AggieK buys a lot but you knew that.

But you are stuck looking for grain silos to paint in Boston to be near your team. Good luck dude.
stillgoing agreed to be part of a study for a new psychiatric pharmaceutical product. 2 weeks into it, we now see that some of the side effects are sleep deprivation, geography disorientation, and generally spouting too much confusing information about nothing.




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