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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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I heard that you can use Red One's pizza as a spare tire if needed.. how do you think he fixed his flat????
z100 is now the number one New York Yankees fan. He has a dinner date with BIG GEORGE in his penthouse suite at Yankee Stadium.
Not too surprisingly Red One showed up impersonating z100 for dinner with George but he did it like he usually attends important functions, naked.
stillgoing and red one like to play ping pong naked
while listening to Barry White
BethD and her cat, both naked of course, want to challenge Red One and stillgoing in a match.
Bonnie had to give up her new job as a bikini model at an Amish fashion show. Turns out she's allergic to horses.
stillgoing is trying to persuade Bonnie to keep her Bikini on at the Amish Fashion show, but you know Bonnie likes to strut around in the nude. The poor Amish are thinking they need to pray some more.
Bonnie's nose is out of joint because neither of us would let her substitute for our donkey. She was too hairy.
That is a BIG LOL, stillgoing

Bonnie still would like to compete in the Naked Ladies Mud Wrestling tournament. Hey, stillgoing, do you think you could arrange for the Amish to sponsor this out on the farm in one of those Big Barns they have?
red one is recalling his misspent his youth in big red barns when he was known by his 'friends' as 'big red one'.
I was known as The Big Red One when I was a Corn Husker Fan in Lincoln, Nebraska. OCNatural Doc was one of the VERY PRETTY CHEERLEADERS who I really liked to watch do her acrobatic moves on the field. Yes, she had her clothes on.
Bonnie likes to cook for Red One, but Red One is Very Suspicious of what might be in the food. I think she is trying to put me down.




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