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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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SG has all his Christmas shopping done. Everybody on his list will be getting something from the Dollar Store!
Ivy all dressed up as Lady GaGa!

Red One doesn't know if its day or night any more since he learned PhotoShop.
Red One just contracted a case of Egyptian flu. He got it by kissing a mummy.
Funes is a tree-hugger, and he has the splinters to prove it!
Who is this pervert on Calli's Sheep Farm?

Calli's newest bestest friend, how much did he pay you Red One?
Red One will feel much better once he has given up hope.
funes drove his truck into a tree so he could get the insurance money to make the next payment.
SG steals trash can lids.
Callipyge is super bummed because she can't sneak into the next White House dinner since they have new security protocols.
stillgoing just got arrested for stealing the Red Bull down at the liquor store. They said he was very DRUNKIN' and DISORDERLY. He was hauled away in cuffs.




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