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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Play along Bonnie, it will get very very funny.

Didn't you drive in demolition derbies because you couldn't get into NASCAR?
KBeen There sponsers a couple of cars under an alias.
Don't quote me on this,,,,but I heard that KBeenThere, has in reality never actually been there, and has never, ever done that........
Jack is really an FBI agent. He is trolling this site to see if there is any contraband solicitations from criminals on his wanted list....
Kbeenthere therapist is a white hampster.
wendyLynn roller skates in her house.
RoB tries to steal my cats and sell them to the Chinese resturant to make some extra bucks to go gambling.
BethD coaches a high school football team just so she can hang in the locker room. She's trying to build her cougar cred.
stillgoing has a sandbox in his house he plays in.
WendyLynn, only likes classical music and show tunes... She spends her free time trying to close down Rock Clubs, and heavy metal websites.....................
jack Z moved to Alaska to be a professional snow shoveler, he is waiting and training for it to be
an Olympic Sport
BethD will be back later, she's taken her python for a walk.
Stillgoing has a thing for little people women.
The Wizard Of Oz is like porn for him!




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