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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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K ate all the Christmas cookies - before she baked them!
Jack steals ornaments from the mall so he can decorate his house
Jack wears Santa boxers and shows them to everyone he meets.
Calli shovels snow in her night gown and combat boots.
Ivy shovels snow NAKED to give all the HORNY Old Men in her neighborhood a BIG Thrill.
Jack throws snowballs at the little old ladies.
NEWS FLASH : Jack ..last seen driving through the McDonald's drive thru.
When Jack goes to the Christmas Tree lot he doesn't switch prices like Ivy, he just steals a tree.
Jack waddled up to Santa to give him his detailed list. He sat on Santa's knee and broke it due to his high cholesterol diet eating his own stuff.
Santa had to have an ACL repair on his knee because of Jack Still... He's still angry at you for breaking his hip last year. He had that replacement surgery but swore he'd make you pay. No BLOW up toy ladies in your stocking this year once again...I wonder what he'll do to Jack...
All Jack wants for Christmas is his two front teeth. snort..chuckle.. snort
Jack is very happy that Ivy sent her two front teeth out for cleaning.




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