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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Sarge just got busted to Buck Private because he keeps wetting the bed and crying after his superior officer gets all over his A**.................ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red One heard there was a tsunami going to hit California, his phone melted with offers to take him to the beach.
ROTFFLMFAOOOoooooo !!!!!!!!!!! tears tears ohhh ahhhh ribs ribs hurt fun funnyyyyyy. God, I love you guys and gals !!
Ahahahhahahhaahahhhh....Totally a crackup! Jaysus.
Ivy, the Jamaican government wants you back. When you were down there you increased the gross national product. The Rastas are selling and buying so much MaryJ trying to forget what you did to the lot of them!!!! Supply and demand are up. The island is a bigger puff of smoke now....
KBT knows so much about Jamaica because she just got back, but she can only type about it, she's still holding her breath.
When he thinks no one else is listening, SG puts on his old ABBA albums and dances around his living room.
This is how Calli got her name...

Chez picks up old French wine bottles, pours Gallo in them, recorks them, and gives them to her friends!
Calli has been working on getting in shape. She has cut back from the five Pizzas and five half pounders that she usually eats everyday.
Red is trying to get in shape, too! He has started an aerobics group at the home...

jack moonlights as a scarecrow in dusty cornfields.




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