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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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KBT just got a new bra...

Chez is showing off her new bra too.

The bra women need to wear around Red:

ROTFLMFAO........Calli has a bra just like that and wears it out scoping SHIT in the Sheep Barn.
Here is another one of Calli's favorite bras.

My hands were used to create the molds.

Red One applied but couldn't quite measure up......again.

"Never let a cheap shot go by." - sg
LMAO! >_
SG can't get a date because his hands are too cold.
ROTFLMFAO.........................s g

Calli can't get a date because she wears all those weird bras and KBT never wears a bra, but s g has many bras.
Red One is bummed because his invitation to the Calli, KBT
try on bras party got lost in the mail......there were few tried on but they all came off.
Ever since Jack got his new polystyrene foam head, he's been feeling a little light-headed.
Kevin had butt augmentation surgery.




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