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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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I wish my boss looked that nice.

Actually she looks OK. She is just whacked in the head.
Come on to NJ I dare ya.
Come meet her.
I double dog dare ya!
the evil witch I work for. her broomstick run out out of gas.
oh yeah, beth's boss was later spotted on her commute up I-287.

i'm tellin' ya, beth...be kind...look at all the work she puts into it every day. sheeesh! the poor thing. it's gotta be exhausting for her! no wonder she's cranky.
The Wicked Witch of the Valley...!LOL!

TSD if I tell Daz about you playing with this jail bait you'll be toast.
And SG if I catch you (yet again) thinking for a nano 2nd that I'm not fully aware of my guy playing with (hahahaha) (copyright) ((bimbo) jail bait - then I'll yet again have to say to my darlin' fellow redhead . . .he being YOU . . .


(naughty U. very naughty.) tee hee. hee hee. !!!!! ) I see spanking in your future too! )
Oh. Well. 'Stillgoing" hadn't yet let go, So the rumor goes. . . ever so valiant /;->
ocnatdoc that is too funny. Only thing wrong she is headed on 95 south to WV today.
beth's boss has an exclusive *itch meeting down south today. there she goes....

and there she is...

well, at least she's venting to someone who gives a ......hoot.

her work mates are elated!

cheers, beth! have a fabulous day!
OC Doc just hates to pictures up on this forum. She also hates living by the beach.
yep...think i'll move to the valley....Napa Valley!!

red one is really a winemaker in napa.




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