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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Well, it was either the dreadlocks, or the rug.

I think Red likes the "rug" better.
Looks like my rug......OK I know the dog is better looking than I am......LOL
protect yourself, red one...put your sunglasses on!

' />

(you know we're just having fun here, right?)
OMG, Doc, GREAT Video. Lets see a pic of you with your dread lock look.
Red One 's new favorite music is Bob Marley to go with his dreads!......"One Looooveeeee.......Let's Get Together And We'll Feel Alright!"..... Yea Mon!
LilyRoth is out getting her new dew right now, she wants the Whoopi Goldberg look.

Red One eats his way through his neighborhood.
He goes door to door borrowing eggs here, sugar there, bread here,
hotdogs there, coffee here, milk there...on and on, house to house.
BethD is high IQ and a gourmand, she calls Domino's.
someone send out the foodie search party.....stillgoing is lost in a food frenzy after seeing julia & julia this weekend.
OCN Doc is less than clueless, food is a bore but I'd like a taste of BethD.
well, folks, it would appear we've lost stillgoing:

' />

busted....hey, they bribe me with choo's.

bonnie is shoe genius, jimmy choo, in disguise.




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