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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Red One is so bummed because he wasn't invited to Doc's place on the beach for the night of 100 pussies.
stillgoing is wishing Red One was there on the beach to help control the utter Mob Scene in So. Cali. You better call the authorities Doc. This will surely make on to You Tube and be the most viewed video.
AggieK is teaching her dog spanish.
BethD is walking all 100 of her cats, but her real goal is to get them all potty trained.
AggieK can't wait until her long beautiful curly hair grows down to her ankles. Then she is going to enter the longest hair contest somewhere in Jerseeeeey.
Red One is so jealous of aggie's and my gorgeous JOISEY hair that he's secretly growing dread locks!
Red One goes out at night and moves street signs, so if someone is parked legally, he puts a
No Parking sign by their car.
Then he goes home and calls the cops.
lily is dread lock expert to the stars....she did lenny kravitz, lisa bonet, bob marley and

pretty schmansy, huh?
OCN Doc, BethD, and LilyRoth all want this dread lock look.

You are much better looking than this pic, AggieK.
What about this dreadlock look?

TeeBubbaDee, I LOVE it..............LMAO !!! I think the girls really want to look like the above pic.




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