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According to our hypersensitive NY weather bureau, we are getting 12-24 inches of snow tomorrow.
(Personally, I think it may be more like a slush storm....but the news people are warning everyone to rush to the liquor store, rush to the suppermarket...oh boy. Anyone plan to panic?

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Good choice on the vodka Robbie. You never know when the apocalypse might come
This "could" be your back door! I hope not...My winter here in the "Land of the Hand" has been boring and monotonous..same old, same old. I won't complain one bit..just wish I had a remote car starter some days.
Don't know much about vodka....just keep a "box-o-wine" on the counter!

I stoked up on Coors Light.
It is snowing now and going to get worst.
We have a dusting (central nj), but the closed the schools anyway. Oh glorious sleep the kind only An insmniac can appreciate! Plenty of wine coolers vodka and hemade "tractor fuel". Have a sane one!
That's absolutely shocking! At least keep some southern comfort ( in case you have to start a fire or kill a bacteria
We have a tiny bit of slush, but Bill Evans says the weather will get worse, 2 feet. My eye doctor apt was cancelled and I had to hitchhike home! Keep that wodka handy.
You shouldn't have any trouble at al getting a ride!
Wow! Not THAT is snow! You're lucky that snow didnt cave in and flood the floor.
10:30 pm: 1 inch of slush getting ice cold. This is down from 24 inches, yesterday. A guy did get killed in central park when a tree fell on him. fyi.
20 inches in Central Park. That suggests we have more, but once you get to a certain level, isnt it just 'alot of snow'?
it was blowing a zillion MPH here. Could hardly get the door open.




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