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Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music.

Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing in Springfield and it airs 6 - 9PM CST on Sunday evenings.

It may uplift the downtrodden and down trod the uplifted. Some may faint, others may experience moments of rage and in some cases hilarity.

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"Band", 1
"Composer", 0
You could always do both, with the best known version in parentheses but not italic, after the authors - would that confuse you/us? There are so many songs that have been covered by so many artists, and so many with the same titles, it could be confusing if you didn't put the authors up.

Just my thoughts, which you are free to disregard.
...or you could do the ever popular "as made famous by..." and then put the author's names as well which is pretty much Chez's thoughts.

Band: 3
Composer: 2
Compromise - Ick.

I dunno...Chez, I disregard NOTHING you offer, but I could be moving into "War & Peace"-length accreditation if I start combining the two. I mean - where would it end? What if the cover band deliberately changes the lyrics, as some of the funnier ones do? (I'm looking at the Saddlesores version of "Pinball Wizard", which they sing to the tune of "Folsom Prison Blues". Disorienting, to say the least.) Would I have to give credit to the covering band's additional lyrics, as well as to the composer AND the band whose most famous rendition of a song is the one being honored / lampooned? The mind boggles...

A song that's been covered so many times that nobody's really sure who actually wrote it to begin with, can easily lead to even greater confusion. I say this remembering an incident which prompted my appreciation for wacked-out covers as a bit of social commentary as much as a personal love for desecration of ridiculously-beloved "classics"; I was over at a friend's house, and his little brother put on Van Halen's first album. As their cover of the Kink's "You Really Got Me" blasted out of the speakers, the little idiot yelled "That Eddie Van Halen can write a GREAT RIFF, can't he?", all while doing his spastic head-banging and air-guitar shredding.

Now, you just can't help some people. But that moment did light a flame under me, and I realized the possibilities of entertaining the enlightened, enlightening the uneducated AND puncturing overly-reverential classicism, all at the same time. I would Go Henceforth and discombobulate the smug historical illiteracy of the uninformed, tweak the expectations of the musically aware, and gleefully drive a stake through the heart of some really worn-out, maudlin trash in a manner that it richly deserved - Or give it a new lease on life, in a way that it's creator never dreamt of. A Win-Win all around, as far as I was concerned. After all, when somebody isn't exactly slavishly replicating the original, the possibilities are utterly limitless, the juxtapositions are endless...And I could have heaps of fun playing around with the audience's rarely-considered emotional relationship with the song itself.
WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, August 8th, 20120....

"Golden Age", TV On The Radio
"Dig For Fire", the Pixies
"Red Sky", Pere Ubu
"The Bogus Man", Roxy Music

"Faraway Eyes", the Rolling Stones
"Where's The Devil When You Need Him?", th' Legendary Shack*Shakers
"Turpentine", the Ribeye Brothers
"The Wound That Never Heals", Jim White
"Stupid Girl", Neil Young
"Carmelita", Warren Zevon

"Spanish Harlem Incident" (Bob Dylan), Chris Whitley
"My Back Pages" (Bob Dylan), Steve Earle
"Motorpsycho Nitemare" (Bob Dylan), Nob Dylan & the Nobsoletes

"Album of the Week: the Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"

"This Wicked Tongue", PJ Harvey
"These Days", R E M
"Out Of Nowhere", Mark Lanegan
"Pot Kettle Black", Wilco
"Three Strikes", Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School Of Medicine

"I Go To Sleep" (the Applejacks), the Pretenders
"If I Only Had A Heart" (Harold Arlen & EY Harburg), the Afghan Whigs
"I Can't Find My Way Home" (Blind Faith), Alison Krauss
"You're Innocent When You Dream" (Tom Waits), Elvis Costello

"Born A Woman" (Sandy Posey), Nick Lowe
"Play With Fire" (the Rolling Stones), Cobra Verde
"Teenage Head" (the Flamin' Groovies), the Hoodoo Gurus
"Creep" (Radiohead), Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine
"Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe" (Barry White), the Afghan Whigs

Well, there you go...(Written by (Whoever) & Originally performed by (Yadda Yadda Yadda)" on the WQNA thread, the simplified version here...cast thy votes, o cognoscenti of musicology.
This Sunday: Disrespectful songs about a White Trash Icon, a real gone hillbilly cat, one of the most singular wastes of talent in history and his embarrassing passing 32 years ago. And no, I'm not talking about Sebastian Cabot.
WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, August 15th, 2010....

"The Baby King, Pt I", the Residents
"Back 2 The Base", X
"The Baby King, Pt II", the Residents
"Elvis Was A Mama's Boy", Jason Morphew
"Jesus Mentioned", Warren Zevon
"The Baby King, Pt III", the Residents
"Went To See The Gypsy", Bob Dylan
"Johnny Bye-Bye", Bruce Springsteen
"The Baby King", Pt IV", the Residents
"Elvis And Me", Denis Leary
"Elvis Is Still Dead", Adam Hole
"Elvis' Rolls Royce", Was (Not Was), with Leonard Cohen
"Porcelain Monkey", Warren Zevon
"The Baby King, Pt V", the Residents
"Mystery Train" (Junior Parker), Jeff Beck & Chrissie Hynde
"Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" (Chuck Berry), Fontella Bass
"Sleepwalk" (Santo & Johnny), Jeff Beck

"Snakes On Everything", Little Feat
"Get Out", dead Confederate
"Honeyslide", Eleventh Dream Day
"Gorilla And The Maiden", Jon Langford
"Fire In The Western World", the Dirtbombs
"L Dopa", Big Black

"Dark Time In The Revolution", Laurie Anderson
"Optimistic", Radiohead
"Here Come The Philistines", T-Bone Burnett
"Hiding It All Away", Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
"I, Me, We, Us, Them", Chris mars

"Sin City" (the Flying Burrito Brothers), the Mekons
"Down On The Riverbed" (Los Lobos), Dave Alvin
"That Feel" (Tom Waits), Li'l Band O' Gold
"Don't Forget Me" (Harry Nilsson), Neko Case

"The Action", Little Village
"Emily", Los Lobos
"That Thang", Al Anderson
"Shine", Bare Jr.
"From Blown Speakers", the New Pornagraphers
"Magdalena", Willie Nile
"The Choir Invisible" / "Desert Eyeland", Devin Davis

"Surfer Girl" (the Beach Boys), Pere Ubu
"I Got You" (Split Enz), the Connells
"In The Evening" (Led Zeppelin), Twice Shy
"All My Love" (Led Zeppelin), Bettye Lavette

"Help!" (the Beatles), the Punkles
"I'm Down" (the Beatles), the Mummies
"Too Late" (Wire), Yo La Tengo

"I Don't Want To Grow Up" (Tom Waits), Hayes Carll
"Highway To Hell" (AC/DC), Tiny Tim & the New Duncan Imperials, live
"Walking With A Mountain" / "Rock & Roll Queen" (Mott the Hoople), Ian Hunter, live
Nice title progressions on some of these sets, especially:

"Help!" (the Beatles), the Punkles
"I'm Down" (the Beatles), the Mummies
"Too Late" (Wire), Yo La Tengo
...It's all about the flow, Chez....
Oh, yeah, poultry in motion...
WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, August 22nd, 2010...

"Below", Shriekback
"Nowhere Again", the Secret Machines
"Waves Of Second Guessing", Kinski
"Drop Dead", the Liars
"Flowers Of Romance", Pubkic Image Ltd
"Dreamer Of Dreams", Marc Ribot, Erik Friedlander & Greg Cohen

"Son Of Mirror Man - Mere Man", Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
"Hard Hat", Calexico
"Six Forty-Five", Firewater
"As Day Is Long", Chris Whitley
"Home Again", Kevin Salem
"This Bird's Gonna Fly", Los Lobos
"Goin' Southbound", Stan Ridgway
"E-Bow The Letter", R E M

"Chiklets", the Patti Smith Group
"Marquee Moon", Television
"Crime", Bongwater
"I Love You Golden Blue", Sonic Youth
"Ain't That Pretty At All" (Warren Zevon), the Pixies
"Between My Head And The Sky", Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band

Album of the Week: King Crimson, "The Court Of The Crimson King"

"All I Really Want To Do" (Bob Dylan), World party
"Blue-Eyed Devil" (Soul Coughing), Low
"Soul Deep" (the Box Tops), the Continental Drifters
''Somebody's Baby" (Jackson Browne), Yo La Tengo

"Ju Ju Hand" (Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs), Handsome Dick Manitoba
"Little GTO" (Ronnie & the Daytonas), Alex Chilton
"The 'In' Crowd" (the Ramsey Lewis Trio), Bryan Ferry
WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, August 29th, 2010...

"10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road", Jim White
"Watery Eyes", Mitchell Froom w/ Mark Eitzel
"Letter To Bowie Knife", Calexico
"Sugarcube" (live), Yo La Tengo
"Alive And Living Now", the Golden Palominos w/ Michael Stipe
"Camera Talk", Local Natives

"White Light, White Heat" (live), Lou Reed
"Bowery Blues" (Jack Kerouac), Lydia Lunch
"Civil War Correspondent", PJ Harvey & John Parish
"Light Field (In Consonance)", Glenn Branca
"King's Lead Hat", Brian Eno
"My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)", David Byrne
"Gravel Drive", John Cale

"Like A Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan), live, the Rolling Stones
"Tombstone Blues" (Bob Dylan), Richie Havens
"It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry" (Bob Dylan), Paul Westerberg
"From A Buick 6" (Bob Dylan), Richmond Fontaine
"Ballad Of A Thin Man" (Bob Dylan), Steven Malkmus & the Million Dollar Bashers
"Queen jane Approximately" (Bob Dylan), the American Music Club
"Highway 61 Revisited" (Bob Dylan), Nob Dylan & the Nobsoletes
"Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" (Bob Dylan), the Handsome Family
"Desolation Row" (Bob Dylan), Chris Smither

"St. Gregory", the Twilight Singers
"Poppy-Red", Richard Thompson
"Wild Pagan Love", Chris Whitley
"Radio Cure", Wilco
"Big August Moon", David Hidalgo & Louie Perez
"Unsuffer Me", Lucinda Williams
"Black Water", Watermelon Slim & the Workers

"Album of the Week: Stan Ridgway, "Neon Mirage"

"Why Baby Why?" (George Jones), Jason & the Scorchers
"Little Sister" (Elvis Presley), Dwight Twilley

"Magic Bus" (The Who), Swervedriver
"Fire Engine" (Roky Erickson), Richard Lloyd
"Revolution" (the Beatles), Billy Bragg
"Yellow Submarine" (the Beatles), the Punkles

"Eve Of Destruction" (Barry McGuire), live, Johnny Thunders
"Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder), the Blind Boys of Alabama w/ Robert Randolph & the Family Band and Ben Harper
"No Expectations" (the Rolling Stones), the Dirtbombs
"Street Fighting Man" (the Rolling Stones), Rage Against The Machine

"Enter Sandman" (Metallica), Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine
"Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough)" (Michael Jackson), Robbie Fulks
"Enter Sandman" (Metallica), the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Next Week: The Labor Day Marathon. Five hours of songs about the curse of work. I thought I volunteered to do this in order to relax from my job.




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