TBD on Ning

Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music.

Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing in Springfield and it airs 6 - 9PM CST on Sunday evenings.

It may uplift the downtrodden and down trod the uplifted. Some may faint, others may experience moments of rage and in some cases hilarity.

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"Take It With Me", by Tom Waits - Got It. Always a pleasure to hear from one of the old gang, Angharad.

I pretty much stopped posting here when I realized that I hadn't gotten a single reply to any of my posts in six months. Just seemed like nobody was paying attention anymore - Maybe this site should change its name to "Ghost Town, USA"....

Yeah, I'm still doing the show. Took a year off to deal with some family and some health issues, but I've been back since Halloween of '16. I will be doing the Valentine's Day show tonight, February, 11th, starting around 6:00 CST; Not only is it the VD (Ha !) show, but Mardi Gras came early this year, so I'll be cramming some street parade and voudou goodies in there, too - Should be pretty strange, which is the way I like it.

We're pretty much okay here....Old age creeping up on us, got a kitten, blah blah blah.

Thanks, Snagg. I figured you wouldn't see my post, so this is a nice surprise.

"Ghost Town, U.S.A." is definitely apropos. Or, perhaps, "The Halls of Ivy" or, "This House Is Empty Now," (for fans of Elvis C.), or just leave it TBD --"Thoroughly Bloody Deceased." There are still a few specters like me here who wander in and out. I, for one, am a facebookophobe, and don't tweet or snap or gram; so, that leaves me out of the whole social media whirl.


Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're still hangin' in on various fronts. Yeah, age has chewed my tail feathers just about off. But, fuck it, I never was very good at straight lines of flight.

I'll tune in tonight. Strange is just my style. 

Snuggle that kitten for me, and anyone else you feel like snuggling.

Ironic update. (I don't seem to fly any other way. ツ )

I've listened and enjoyed your show enormously, Snagg, as always. Here's the ironic bit. I was listening happily and then my DSL dropped--I was only off for a minute--but when I came back, I heard "Anne," then I dropped again and came back on the last few notes of "Take It With Me." Okay, tears came to my eyes because I'd missed it. Then I heard you say you were going to repeat the dedications--upswing of happiness--and I dropped again directly before mine was read. Cue emotional downpour.

Uhhhh, do you think I should I be watching for gremlins or poltergeist? 

Anyway, will this broadcast be archived somewhere? 

When you spoke about the "old gang" and I heard a few familiar and well-loved names, it warmed my heart. Thank you. I do miss the Mothership. 

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and overindulge in something sweet (food or otherwise ❤).

Good God, it's me again.

I was thinking about no one commenting on your posts. Just so you know, it really is about most everyone being AWOL. Funes is still around somewhere, I think, but VERY seldom posts; Pru hasn't made an appearance in a (very old) coon's age; Slayer Dug did, I believe, show up once recently; we've lost a few to the grim reaper and more to Facebook; and Teebub has dropped out of sight both here and on Facebook. I believe he's okay, just exhausted and sorting RL things out.  

One person is probably no reason to do the work of posting here again, but if you want to, I'll chime in.

Ah, well - Here we go again:

WQNA “Fear & Loathing on Valentine’s Day Love-a-thon and Mardi Gras bon temps roulez”, February 11th, 2018....
Love At First Sight”, Half Japanese, “Charmed Life
Showtime, Valentine”, the Gang of Four, “Shrinkwrapped
Do You Love Me ?(Pt 2), Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Let Love In
Took My Lady To Dinner”, King Khan & the Shrines, “The Supreme Genius of King Khan & the Shrines
Ugly And Slouchy”, the Maddox Brothers and Sister Rose, “The Maddox Brothers and Rose”
Stand By My Girl”, Dan Auerbach, “Waiting On A Song
Love Always Wins”, ‘68 Comeback, “Love Always Wins
Some Kinda Love” (Live), the Velvet Underground, “Peel Slowly And See” - from Dave D, to Morgan
Huniepop The Musical”, from Daddy Postman to Jenna
To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”, Julio Eglasias & Willie Nelson, “1100 Bel Air Place” - From Pete, to all the wimmens
It Was A Good Time”, Eydie Gorme, “Silver Screen Songs” - to the Big Daddy, Dave Clarke, from Lisa Anice
Thanks To You”, Boz Scaggs, “Dig” - From Jim, to Susan
Take A Chance With Me”, Roxy Music, “Avalon” - From Steph, to Mike
Tupelo Honey”, Van Morrison, “Tupelo Honey” - To Milli, from Trevor
Two Hearts”, Chris Isaak, “San Francisco Nights”, to Feral Mike, from Monkeypants
La Vie En Rose”, Edith Piaf, “La Vie En Rose - The Very Best of Edith Piaf” - from Pierre, to Lisette
Do You Love Me ?”, Zero Mostel & Maria Karnilova, “Fiddler On The Roof”, from Ubu to Mere Ubu
Take It With Me”, Tom Waits, “Mule Variations” - To Draughn, from Anne
Baby Baby”, Chris Isaak, “Mr. Lucky” - From Terry, to Sue
Valentine”, the Elvis Brothers, “Now Dig This” - From Dan, to Ellen
Then She Appeared”, XTC, “Nonsuch” - From Larry, to Tammy
Connected By Love”, Jack White, “Boarding House Reach” - From Beth, to Ty
Love Forever (Wherever You Go)”, Tom Irwin, “All That Love” - From Tom, to Theresa “Wicked Game”, Chris Isaak, “Heart-Shaped World” - From Betsy to Tom, and from Tom to Betsy
Bad Things”, Jace Everett, “True Blood” - From Pickles, to Schmoopie
You Can Leave Your Hat On(Randy Newman), Joe Cocker, “Cocker” - From John, to April
Here Come My Love”, Eric Ambel, “Lakeside” - From Dee, to Kent
If Not For You”, Bob Dylan, “New Morning” - From Kent, to Dee
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”, Aretha Franklin, “Lady Soul” - From Becky, to Dave
If I Am A Stranger”, Ryan Adams, live on Letterman - From Dave, to Becky
Milk”, Kings of Leon, “Aha Shake Heartbreak” - From Z, to K
God Only Knows”, the Beach Boys, “Pet Sounds” - From Gina, to Dave
I Love You Baby”, Brak, “Space Ghost’s Musical Bar-Be-Cue” - From Gina, to Dave
I’ve Got You Babe”, Sonny & Cher, “Greatest Hits” - From Gina, to Dave
Dimples”, John Lee Hooker, “Ultimate Collection, 1948-1990” - From Dave, to Gina
This Love Is True”, NRBQ, “Wild Weekend” - From Dave, to Gina
Crazy Love”, Van Morrison, “Moondance” - From Dave, to Gina
Love Letters And Cigarettes”, Cody Jinks, “Less Wise” - to the Great Hellhole State Florida. That’s All You Need To Know.
Who Do You Love ?(Bo Diddley), the Pleasure Barons, “Live In Las Vegas’’
Broken-Hearted On Valentine’s Day”, the Lazy Cowgirls, “Broken-Hearted On Valentine’s Day
Fall In Love With Me”, Iggy Pop, “Lust For Life
Devil’s Valentine”, the Ike Reilly Assassination, “Junkie Faithfull
We’re All In Love”, the New York Dolls, “One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
Love You Till Friday”, the Replacements, “Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy ?(Rod Stewart), the Revolting Cocks, “Linger Fickin’ Good
He’s A Whore”, Cheap Trick, “Cheap Trick
Mardi Gras Mambo”, the Hawketts, “Mardi Gras In New Orleans
Hey Pocky A-Way”, the Meters, “Funkify Your Life
Goin’ Back To New Orleans”, Dr. John, “Goin’ Back To New Orleans
Street Parade”, Earl King, “Street Parade
Red Beans”, Professor Longhair, “Crawfish Fiesta
les Danse des Mardi Gras’, the Balfa Brothers, “Cajun Saturday Night
My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now”, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, “My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now” “Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing”, Tom Waits & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “Preservation: An Album to Benefit Preservation Hall & the Preservation Hall Music Outreach Program
Just A Closer Walk With Thee”, the Treme Brass Band, “Treme” - season 1
Hey Mama (Wild Tchopitoulas), the Wild Tchopitoulas, “Wild Tchopitoulas
Just A Little Bit(Roscoe Gordon), Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch n’ Soul All-Stars, ‘‘Walk On Jindal’s Splinters
Ain’t That Lovin’ You, Baby ?(Jimmy Reed), Link Wray, “Rumble: The Best of Link Wray
Highway 61(Mississippi Fred McDowell), Watermelon Slim, “Up Close And Personal” “Walk A Mile In My Shoes(Joe South & the Believers), Otis Clay, “The Joe South Tribute Record
Stay With Me Baby(the Walker Brothers), Terry Reid, “Terry Reid
Some Velvet Morning(Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood), Thin White Rope, “The One That Got Away
Help Me Make It Through The Night(Sammi Smith), Harry Dean Stanton, “Partly Fiction
Dream A Little Dream Of Me(Ozzie Nelson), My Morning Jacket, “Early Recordings: Chapter 2, ‘Learning’ "
Stephanie Says(the Velvet Underground), Bettie Seveert, “Bettie Serveert Plays ‘Venus In Furs’ and other Velvet Underground Songs
The Blue Danube(Johann Strauss), Christian Marclay, “More Encores
The ‘In’ Crowd(Dobie Gray), Bryan Ferry, “Another Time, Another Place
Love Train(the O’Jays), the Yayhoos, “For A Decade Of Sin; 11 Years Of Bloodshot Records
My Funny Valentine(Frank Sinatra), Girls Against Boys, “Chairman Of The Board: Interpretations Of Songs Made Famous By Frank Sinatra

Now I remember another reason I quit hanging around here - The damn formatting sucks.

No kidding. :>) 

I record all my shows onto a thumb drive; We used to use an archiving site - the accursed Ustream - But it got so buggy and malware-y, that we had to ban it from the station computers.

Which kinda put the kibosh on posting shows - Ustream sucked ass, but it was FREE; All the other archiving sites want serious bucks , per month, to post anything. I want to share my little idiot fests with others, but not THAT much.

I have yet to figure out how to post them to a website; Maybe someday I'll get a tutorial from some nice person who knows that shit inside out, and can teach a lunkhead like me ow to struggle by...

Uh, I don't buy "lunkhead." I can't even imagine "technologically challenged," in your case.

Yup, I remember the Ustream debacle. Too bad "free" so often equates to "useless." As you said somewhere, in this money grubbing culture you get what you pay for.

I'm sure you know this, but there are a shitload of videos on YT about uploading audio files to YT. In fact, there are a shitload of videos on the Internet about uploading audio files to any place you want to upload (lobbing the ball--haha). What I know absolutely nothing about is copyright issues around uploading a playlist of songs. Probably somebody at WQNA knows about that. If you ever get around to figuring it out, it would be great to be able to listen at leisure to your show.

WQNA “Fear & Loathing in Springfield”, February 18th, 2018....
This Land Is Your Land’’ (Woody Guthrie), Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, “Naturally
Here Comes President Kill Again”, XTC, “Oranges And Lemons
What A Time To Be Alive”, Superchunk, “What A Time To Be Alive
I Don’t Pay Taxes”, the Hooten Hallers, SoundCloud
This Land is Your Land” (Long Version), Woody Guthrie, “The Asch Recordings”, Vol. 1
Walk Between Raindrops”, JD Wilkes, “Fire Dream
The Prisoner’s Dilemma”, Jim White, “Waffles, Triangles And Jesus” “Lighthouse”, the Ben Miller Band, “Cherry Choke Tree
Just In Time”, Valerie June, “The Order Of Time
(Sing A) Worried Song”, the Legendary Shackshakers, “After You’ve Gone
New World”, Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters, “Carry Fire
Time Goes Away”, Garland Jeffreys, “14 Steps To Harlem
First Day Of Winter”, Mark Lanegan, “Gargoyle
Windsor Hum”, Protomartyr, “Relatives In Descent
Peking Spring”, Mission of Burma, “Peking Spring
Guay Lo”, New Madrid, “Magnet King, Magnet Queen
I Can Still See”, Pere Ubu, “20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo
Bad Choices”, Superchunk, “What A Time To Be Alive
Too Stubborn To Fold”, Wheels On Fire, “Get Famous !
Album of the Week: Calexico, “The Thread That Keeps Us
(In The) Hall Of The Mountain King(Edvard Greig) / “Louie Louie(Richard Berry), Half Japanese, “Our Solar System
Kaw Liga(Hank Williams), the Residents, “Stars & Hank Forever
I’m Comin’ Home(Johnny Horton), Jackshit, “Jackshit
Sitting On Top Of The World(the Mississippi Sheiks), the Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Things About To Go My Way - A Tribute to the Music of the Mississippi Sheiks
Key To The Highway(Charlie Segar), Keith Richards, “Eileen” EP
Tramp(Lowell Fulson), Johnny Winter, “Winter Essentials
Lord Have Mercy On Me(Junior Kimbrough), Outrageous Cherry, “Sunday Nights: The Music of Junior Kimbrough
Hadn’t I Been Good To You(Charles Caldwell), Left Lane Cruiser, “Rock And Roll Is A Beautiful Thing
The Stroll(the Diamonds), the Smithereens, “Fast Track To Nowhere
Ooh ! My Head !(Ritchie Valens), Los Lobos, “La Bamba” soundtrack
Rik-A-Tik(the Fireballs), Cub Koda, “Abba Dabba Dabba (A Bananza Of Hits)
The ‘In’ Crowd(Dobie Gray), Marshall Crenshaw, “Miracle Of Science
Farmer John(Don & Dewey), JD McPherson, live at SXSW / KEXP, 2012
I’m Talking About You(Chuck Berry), Hot Tuna, “Hoppkorv
Let It Rock(Chuck Berry), ‘68 Comeback, “A Bridge Too Fucking Far
Call The Police(Stephanie ‘McDee’ Sanders), the Oblivians, “Desperation” “Driving Wheel(Roosevelt Sykes), the DT’s, “Nice n’ Ruff: Hard Soul Hits
Tutti-Frutti(Little Richard), the MC5, “Back In The USA
I Ain’t Got You(Billy Boy Arnold), the Blue Oyster Cult, “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
What’s Going Ahn(Big Star), the Posies, “Big Star,small world
I’m In Love With A Girl(Big Star), John Doe and Jill Sobule, “A Day At The Pass” “You Get What You Deserve(Big Star), the Idle Wilds, “Big Star, small world” “Free Again(Alex Chilton), Teenage Fanclub, “Deep-Fried Fanclub
I Am The Cosmos(Chris Bell), Kevin Salem, “Lighthouse Keeper” EP
Blitzkreig Bop(the Ramones), Bob Delavante, “Columbus And The Colossal Mistake
Neat Neat Neat(the Damned), the Hickoids, “Kickin’ It With The Twits
Let’s Eat(Nick Lowe’s Last Chicken In The Shop), the Morells, “The Morells Anthology: 101 Songs about Cars, Girls and Food
Grandma’s House(Ronnie Hawkins), Lester Bangs & the Delinquents, “Jook Savages On The Brazos
Duke Of Earl(Gene Chandler), the Masked Marauders, “The Masked Marauders” “Please Please Me(the Beatles), the Punkles, “Beat The Punkles
Night Time(the Strangeloves), the Nomads, “Showdown ! (1981-1993)
Amos Moses(Jerry Reed), the Pleasure Barons, “Live In Las Vegas
I Got A Tiger By The Tail(Buck Owens & the Buckaroos), King Uszniewicz & the UszniewiczTones, “Twistin’ And Bowlin’
Kick Out The Jams(the MC5), Wayne Kramer, “L.L.A.M.F.

A roller coaster ride, Snagg! You are always a source of new artists and tunes for me. And music is the way I make it through life--bad shit and good--so new tools and new joys are so much appreciated.  

Love "Carry Fire." Hadn't heard "Walk Between the Raindrops"--I'm humming it now...damned brain worm! :>) Or, "I Can Still See."  And it feels like I hadn't heard the Hickoids since the late 80's in the 9:30 Club in D.C.  

Anyway, great tunes.


Music is how I remind myself that there's hope in the world for others to see (or hear) someone elses' point of view; When I was just in my twenties, and punk was taking off, I was the only one in my circle of friends who would give it a chance - The rest were all Classic Rock / KISS / Ted Nugent fans. One of 'em, in particular - "Steve" -  LOATHED the Sex Pistols without ever hearing them - "They're GROSS ! They're RUDE ! They can't PLAY !", grouched the ardent KISS fan.

So, one day over at his house, playing records, I waited until he left the room to slip on "Never Mind The Bollocks". I cranked it up, he came back in the room, nodding his head, air guitaring, yelling "These guys ROCK ! Who ARE they ?"

I showed him the album cover. His face fell, and he immediately screamed "Take it OFF ! They SUCK !"

I told him to go fuck himself. I gathered up my albums, walked out and never spoke to him again.

That's NOT the kind of person I'm trying to reach. I'm trying to reach the kind of people who make the mistake of letting guys like him tell them what to listen to.

The stuff I play isn't "good'' just because I like it - It's good because it scares the crap out of dumb chickenshits like ol' Steve, and the world needs a lot less cowardly liars like him thinking that they're entitled to be running things.




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