TBD on Ning

Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music.

Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing in Springfield and it airs 6 - 9PM CST on Sunday evenings.

It may uplift the downtrodden and down trod the uplifted. Some may faint, others may experience moments of rage and in some cases hilarity.

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...You didn't get to hear the Tim Hardin cover?


Go to the 2:34:15 point in the above video....

Well....It missed the first two songs, and nipped off the end of the last one, but otherwise it's the whole shebang.


Y'know what? I think I'll take advantage of this video/music archiving thing next week, and bring in an album I've always thought represented an absolute high point in the artistic synthesis of album title, the general tone of the music contained therein, and the corresponding cover art. A true classic. You'll see.

Kudos on The BellRays....they deliver live!!! Kudos also for 11th Dream Day, The Clash, Johnny Thunders, and Jim Carroll!!!
Thankyuhvarrymush. Now you can hear the show at yer leisure, instead of being locked into a specific time and schedule. The wonders of technology....

National Record Store Day live remote, Recycled Records, April 16th, 2011...


"Killer Crane", TV On The Radio

"The Better Side Of Mt. Heart Attack", the Liars

"Baby Huey", Dim Stars

"Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream", Sonic Youth

" ", Teenage Jesus & the Jerks

"Covered", Public Image Ltd.


"Decline And Fall", Sneakers

"Back To Blue", Bobby Bare Jr. & the Young Criminal's Starvation League

"I'm A Little Rocket Ship", Cracker

"How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us", R E M

"Train 'Round The Bend", the True Believers

"Travelin' Riverside Blues" (Robert Johnson), the Hindu Love Gods

"Lost My Mind", Matthew Sweet

"Now I Can't Find The Door", Sam Phillips


"Honey", Spaceman 3

"25 O'Clock", the Dukes Of Stratosphere

"Camera" (R E M), Pavement

"Poverty (Once Upon A Time In America)" (Ennio Morricone), John Zorn

"Jet Pilot" (Bob Dylan), Nob Dylan & the Nobsoletes

"Continental Drift", the Rolling Stones

"Who Are You?", Tom Waits


"Totally Freaked Out", Bettie Serveert

"We'll Inherit The Earth", the Replacements

"I Wanna Know What I Wanna Know", Rocket From The Crypt

"JC Auto", Sugar

"Best Of Both Worlds", Midnight Oil


"New Cannonball Blues", TV On The Radio

Really? Is it alright to copy the link and send to a friend?

'Course it is....



Sorry 'bout last night's No Show. I'm still running a fever and my bad knee has been killing me for the last 24 hours.....


Now not a 100% sure if the "Easter Parade of Death" show will come about next Sunday....Family obligations may interfere AGAIN.....GRRRRRRR.......

Less praying and genuflecting on that knee and more playing music. A Black Easter show sounds good.


Get well!



When I read about "Record Day" yesterday, I thought of you :-)


WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, "The Easter Parade Of Death", April 24th, 2011....


"Time Jesum Transeuntum et Non Reverentum" (Dread The Passing Of Jesus, For He Will Not Return), Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

"Easter Flesh", th' Legendary Shack*Shakers

"Talkin' 'Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everybody Wants To Live Forever)", the Flaming Lips

"Easter Bunny", Eugenius

"Jesus", the Velvet Underground

"Hard-On For Jesus", the Dandy Warhols


"Easter Everywhere" (The 13th Floor Elevators), Julian Cope

"Isn't It A Pity?" (George Harrison) / "Atlantis" (Donovan), Greg Dulli

"Ballad Of El Goodo" (Big Star), Matthew Sweet

"Shapes Of Things" (The Yardbirds), Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo

"Politician" (Cream), Los Lobos


"Jesus Was A Crossmaker", Warren Zevon

"Deep Dark Love", Kevin Salem

"Jesus, Etc.", Wilco, live

"Jesus, The Missing Years", John Prine

"Easter", Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons

"Losing My Religion", R E M, live acoustic version

"Jesus Was An Only Son", Bruce Springsteen


"Sister Golden Hair" (America), Bobby Bare Jr. (Version 1)

"Rebels", (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), the Drive-By Truckers

"Lucille" (Kenny Rogers & the First Edition), the Beat Farmers

"Blue Suede Shoes" (Carl Perkins), Lemmy & the Upsetters

"Lights Out" (Jerry Byrnes), Los Lobos

"Sister Golden Hair" (America), Bobby Bare Jr. (Version 2)


Album of the Week: TV On The Radio, "Nine Types Of Light"


"When Jesus Gets A Brand New Name", Jim White

"No Grave To Hold God's Body Down" (Trad.), Joseph Spence

"Dark Was The Night", Blind Willie Johnson

"Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down", RL Burnside


"Let The Bells Ring", Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, live

"Personal Jesus" (Depeche Mode), Johnny cash

"John The Revelator" (Son House), Seven Hills Stomp

"Chocolate Jesus", Tom Waits


"The Ascension", Glenn Branca

"Monkey Gone To Heaven", the Pixies


Sorry, the archiving didn't start until "Blue Suede Shoes".


  <br /><a href="http://www.ustream.tv/" style="padding: 2px 0px 4px; width: 400px; background: #ffffff; display: block; color: #000000; font-weight: normal; font-size: 10px; text-decoration: underline; text-align: center;" target="_blank">Video streaming by Ustream</a>
No apologies necessary big guy! Thanks for the ustream.
Glad to see you got the archiving.  Will you be doing it every week now?




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