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I notice people when I'm shopping. Some, like me, are there alone. Others have their partners with them. Some of the couples are obviously shopping together, picking things out together, and working as a team. Other couples obviously have one person in charge, and their partners are obviously less than thrilled to be there. Their main purpose appears to be to push the cart or hold the merchandise.

I don't grocery shop with my husband often. I can get in and out of the store more quickly on my own, and I'm perfectly capable of pushing my own cart. And I always end up buying more when he's there to throw more stuff in the cart, lol!

On occasion he does come clothes shopping with me, and we usually end up having fun with the process. And, he usually urges me to get more stuff than I planned on buying. (Can you tell who's the spender and who's the saver in our relationship?!)

Anyway, do you want to be with your SO when you are shopping?

Or are you the partner who gets dragged along?

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It's a rare moment when the two of us are at the store. Sometimes it can be okay. I like to get in and out. Don't care for the wandering method.
I definitely have to remember that one, 1GL. Awhile = 10 minutes.... Wait til I tell Tracey and Kim (my daughters) that line. They'll love you as much as I do. lmao
I hate to go shopping with my wife, but I do it anyway.
I never ask my wife, "Is that new"?, she says "I had that before I met you".
Never asked again.
Man Card is in jeopardy. :-)
Not unless she is shopping for sexy underwear.
I would think you'd want to pick out your own sexy undies, Funes.... ;-)
Love to shop by myself and take my own sweet time !
I shop by myself. always have, always will, I guess.
I do that most of the time when clothes shopping, just because I don't want to have to worry about how much time I'm taking or how many trips I make to the dressing room.




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