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Seems that everywhere I look, someone is wanting to let me in on a secret.

The secret to losing 5 lbs a day; The secret that lets you beat the stock market year after year; The secret that Big Oil don't want you to know: The secret way to whiten your teeth that a suburban mom uses; The secret way to build muscle; and on and on.

What is this fascination with secrets? Is it really a secret, how Warren Buffet got rich? How Oprah lost a gazillian pounds?

Have you ever paid anyone to let you in on the secrets to a better life? Have you bought a magazine to find out some secret about a celebrity? To learn how to sleep better?  

Do secrets really sell? Let us in on your secrets.


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But your not telling.

If you guys are talking about those throat lozenges that come in the square tin, I don't have any of those.

Soooo... Slim you are saying your "lozenges" are outta the box?




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