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Not what I wanted to wake up to.

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Dear Orian, I would respond to this if I had any idea of what you were talking about...happy Sunday anyway.

Morning Chez, you have to go here to see it now...it was on the front page earlier.
Oh, mon dieu. That's what I'd call a zinger. I wonder what his SO thinks of that?
I didn't flag it (no pun intended) but feel free to, if you like.
My eye's aren't what they used to be...At first I thought "what an odd looking thumb and why would he take a picture of it"? Then "it" came into focus....oh my.
It appears to be gone now.
It's exactly what it sounds like.
You mean like ( down there thingy)? Ewww...
yup, very graphic
Ah jeez. That's too bad. Sounds almost as if the, um, stain of bad luck that seems to follow after our super hero Clark - or rather, those who portray that icon - has begun to mutate, infecting those of similar moniker . . .

how sinister

Then again, if he can't keep it in his pants, maybe next time it will get cut off . . .

and maybe then I'll even applaud . . . very quietly . . .
There seems to be no end to the antics of insecure, juvenile people....especially here in cyber space where anonomity is king.
what was he trying to prove? I just don't get it!!!!!




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