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I guess she has had enough dirty politics.
Where are the women’s groups on this issue?
Bringing up her 14 year old daughter, made me want to puke.
I wouldn’t even run for our local dog catcher.

WASILLA, Alaska (AP) - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she will resign from office July 26.
Her spokesman wouldn't say why Palin decided to step down, but the announcement stirred speculation that she would focus on a bid for the 2012 Republican nomination for president.
Spokesman Dave Murrow says Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell will be inaugurated at the governor's picnic in Fairbanks at the end of the month.
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Bringing up her 14 year old daughter, made me want to puke.
I wouldn’t even run for our local dog catcher.

You mean IF you were her you'd have the common sense not to. Well, even the Lt Gov. was at a loss for words. I can only imagine she's got some kind of TV contract...because (correct me if I misread...)...she feels she can do more outside of gov't.

Creeps me out...get elected, then spend your 2 year of your term campaigning, and at year 3, resign because you don't like the idea of "Lame Duck." Well, if she were, I'd raise my personal ban on shooting foul.
tough to know whether she's ducking out before the investigation blows sky high, or whether she actually thinks she can run for national office. stay tuned, i'm sure this tale is not over....... but omigosh, i surely wish it were....
LOVE Sarah, here. Think she did the right thing. Why waste taxpayer money to fight more silly lawsuits by the extreme liberal left? I may not agree with EVERYTHING this woman believes in, but I have a LOT of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for her. In my book, she's one of the only HONEST politicians out there these days.
hmm. First off, Letterman never intended to make jokes involving sexual innuendo and her daughter. He didn't. He even apologized for it - profusely.

Second, that bitch is hard as nails. She didn't quit just because of the media spotlight. That's only a small part of the equation. Could be the money issue, defending against all of those allegations of abuse of power. I think it is more likely someone got to her. I think someone scared the shit right out of that woman. That's what I think.

I won't miss that woman appearing on our national stage. Not at all. I didn't much care for her theatrics.
umm, no actually it was her race baiting during the election - and it didn't scare me so much as simply piss me off

Strong women? How about Nancy Pelosi?
how about Olympia Snowe?
Nancy Pelosi, no you did not say her name, Please! That bitch need help really bad. I think Palin will be back, but this time as the front runner, She has many fans. Right now she has other wounds to heal.
. No one should be "afraid" of a person who ducks out, whines andf quits. Nothing strong about that.

Being "unafraid to speak out" is no guarantee of success.Blather, blather, yak, yak, wink, wink, makes no mind. Anyone can do that. It takes character to hang in for the long haul.

Myself, and most of us who,hang in there, when people count on us., do the job we have to do. I've never over-reached my abilities and had to quit because of it. Any job I've ever had, no matter how boooring and unfulfilling I've stuck with as long as I could, and then gave long notice.As i'm sure many have. perhaps you.

She quit her state. She's a quitter. Nothing "strong" about that.Her favorite, elongated "whine" puckers the palate and clamps the gut.

Not "strong", trust me.
Say you? What benefit to Alaska is there to waste taxpayer money defending herself against frivolous lawsuits? Seems to me she did the honorable thing.
You all are scared of a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak out.
For a "strong woman" she certainly plays the victim. She did nothing wrong it was the media. She didn't misspeak it was the media. There were no ethics violations it was people out to get her and the media. If this were to happen once I might accept it but it is even one of the reasons given for resigning as governor. How in the world could she hold a higher office. This is not a person I want in any office. The sooner Palin bots recognize this the better everyone will be.
Where are the women's groups on this issue? Well, her anti-choice, pro-abstinence sex education only probably alienated them from Palin. It could also have been that, as mayor of Wasilla, she supported the policy of making women pay for their own rape kits. So, unless said "women's groups" are run by Phylis Schafly or Michelle Bachman, why in the world would they stand up for Palin?

I'm looking forward to watching her run for president in 2012. No matter how much coaching she gets, she'll still be an...EPIC FAIL. Oh, and it will be some of the best material for our sharper comedians ever.
Remember the McCain/Palin volunteer admitting the attack hoax, race-baiting attempt.

McCain/Palin campaign volunteer Ashley Todd of College Station, Texas, has admitted to police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that her report of a mutilation attack there by an Obama supporter was a hoax. In an apparent attempt at race-baiting to draw white voters away from Obama, Todd initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM the night of Oct. 22 by a tall black man who became enraged, beat her, and carved a "B" into her cheek after seeing a McCain-Palin bumper sticker on her car. Todd said the man told her he was going to teach her a lesson for supporting McCain, and that now she was going to be a "Barack supporter."

McCain/Palin rallies, and particularly Palin rallies, have turned into festivals of hate as attendees shout "Terrorist!" and "Kill Him!" at each mention of Obama's name and vent their rage at the media by attacking reporters. An obvious wingnut, willing to use racist tactics in a sick attempt to make white voters nervous about Obama, Ashley Todd is precisely the type of personality I would expect to be drawn to Palin. Indeed it isn't hard to imagine the 20-year-old Todd as a younger, less fortunate mirror image of Palin herself, and I wouldn't be surprised if Todd identified personally with Palin in ways a psychoanalyst would find fascinating. Her willingnes to mutilate herself suggests anything but good mental health, and the pathological feelings about African Americans her actions reveal put her in good company with the other crazies we have seen turning up at Palin events.




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