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     Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
     had some bouts with body lice
     and if you ever saw him
     he'd be bathing in some ice.
     All of the other reindeers
     only got venereal disease.
     They never knew poor Rudoplh
     also was attacked by fleas.
     Then one stormy Christmas Eve
     Rudolph ran away.
     He felt so ashamed that night
     embarrassed, scorned,and so uptight.
     Then in some distant forest
     was heard for miles some hunter's gun.
     Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
     was now some party's venison.

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Hi. Thanks for your photographic response.  Happy Holidays.   Not too many responses or any activity I see on this TBD site.   I post on several baby boomer sites . It finally has been feeling like late  autumn here in NYC and Long Island close areas ..Much further North there's been accumulations but by us..just rain and a sparse snow flurry. BUT....This coming weekend temps will plummet so it will feel quite winterish indeed with" real feel "temps in the single digits.  I prefer the cold...not freezing but I'm not a fan of summer heat. We had a very mild autumn here . Our trips to our Pocono, Pa. home usually find it a bit colder there.   Take care. Thanks for being my ONLY responder to my Rudoplh post.  Happy Holidays.   MARK




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