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On a recent Saturday evening,my wife and I went for dinner at a steak house here on Long Island's North shore. As I drove into the parking lot in our new 2013 Hyundai Sonata , a very very young car attendant approached our car so he could park it for us. I gave him the car keys as my wife and I both got out of the car and he gave me a ticket to get the car back. He seemed to have trouble putting the car in drive like he had never been behind the steering wheel of a car before. I told my wife he looks like he's 14 years old. He hesitatantly pulled away stopping and breaking as he drove our unscratched new "baby" out of sight behind the steak house.

As we entered the restaurant,the owner,who knows us from the several times we have eaten there,saw the disturbed look on my face as I kept looking into the parking lot. He asked if everything was okay with our car. I said.."The car is fine, but How Green Was My Valet.!!

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It might have been Frankie Valli.

If I had dined there,winter,spring, summer, and fall...perhaps Frankie Valli would have been more appropriate. But if I want to see him, he'll be singing not far from us at the Theater in Westbury, NY. He's also on Broadway in Manhattan competing with himself in a way..(Jersey Boys) who we saw two years ago. anyway, thanks for your response.

Or Rudy Vallee.

...with Roberto Cavalli.




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