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Well, friends, the news is good. After 30 short years Director Roman Polanski was arrested when showing up to receive his life achievement award. Now , Mother Sanity is, I can assire you, no fan of child molestors, but 30 years...? What chance to they have of successfully prosecuting that guy? And what about Osama? Why do we keep forgeting about him? Mother Sanity

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With Bubba??????????????????????????
Interesting question is, what happens if she refuses to terstify against him?

From what I have heard, and I haven't checked this out, there was a plea deal that Polanski bolted from because he thought the judge was going to ignore the deal and that, technically, all they can now get him on is unlawful flight.
Good point, Nick. Unfortunately, its my (albeit ignorant) understanding that these guys tend to be serial offenders. Maybe there are victims we havent heard of which prompted the arrest. Ofcourse, I could be wong. I am wrong alot....Mother Sanity
From what I've read she's not romanticised it, she simply wants to keep it in her past. Testifying would mean that she would have to recount it. Can you really blame her for not wanting to relive that experience??
I work with a child molester "who has done his time" now 2 of his son's are serving time same offense...he swears he never molested his own children. Sick Sick cycle, he swears he is reformed, but he talks non stop about his 6 year old grandson, dives 4 hours one way every week-end to spend time with him. I wouldn't let this guy alone anywhere near my grandkids, what can you do? No one to call...no one seems to care...do we just wait till he hurts another child?

It's never to late to get these guys off the street 1 less child harmed and it's a victory!
Wow! I just read through his Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Polanski and I am floored at how much he have been allowed to do since his 'incident'. It makes me wonder how much his victim have accomplished during her lifetime. I am sure it is not even remotely close to be compared to this guy's career! And you know what? Everyone who bought a ticket for his movies, or worked on the movie sets with hm help contribute to his long and healthy career!!

I know this would be a totally different case, but it does bring to mind the case of Phillip and Nancy Garrido, who of course are facing trial for the 18 CONSECUTIVE YEARS kidnapping of Jaycee Dungard. These people were in this Country, and he was supposedly under a 'probation' watch. How messed up is that?
Get a rope!




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